Add value to partnerships with TWRS customers, suppliers and employees

The Warehouse Rentals & Supplies (TWRS) started over 25 years ago outside of Pittsburgh and was privately owned until November 2021.

The former owner made TWRS a well-respected organization with many loyal suppliers and customers who remained loyal for decades. Additionally, the new ownership has provided staff with a proactive culture that is forward-thinking in its approach. The merger of new and existing employees has produced a company that has an immense wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as an average seniority far beyond that of most companies today.

TWRS currently has six branches in the United States, with several more in the pipeline. Within each branch there are employees with over two decades of experience; some branches have several employees with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. TWRS believes this is one of many differentiators that sets it apart from other rental companies. The uniqueness of employees is not only seniority in the industry, it is also the diversity of experience and knowledge of each employee. Its employees have experience in a range of fields, such as bridge blasting, marine and shipyards, oil and gas, rail and pipelines. The list is long, but the experience is invaluable and gives the company the ability to serve many different markets at a high level.

TWRS strongly believes in the power of partnership; its triumvirate consists of its staff, its suppliers and its customers – they are all connected and equally important. It is not just a slogan, but a core value in which the company is rooted. Never underestimate the power of partnerships. TWRS builds a business that works on process, structure and accountability.

TWRS employees work with the principles of integrity, work ethic, competence and innovation, and are always customer-focused. Customers don’t need TWRS – TWRS needs its customers; however, value must be preserved in order for customers to agree to offer the company the privilege of partnership. This is done through technical and service support, training, quality products, new technologies and support for critical issues. TWRS can’t do much with pricing, especially in the current economic environment. Suppliers are evaluated in the same way as employees and customers; without their help, TWRS cannot support its customers at the level of high added value to which it is committed. TWRS has always placed immense value on its suppliers and will continue to do so.

The best way to approach business is to establish a total, combined and equal partnership between employees, customers and suppliers and all their resources. Identifying what adds real value to the client or project can only be done together, using all available resources to meet expectations and desired results. A partnership with TWRS is a true partnership that really adds value.

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