AMSYS Innovative Solutions continues to bolster its people and assets as cybersecurity defense and compliance concerns escalate

After being named one of Houston Business Journal’s Top Cybersecurity Companies for five years, AMSYS Innovative Solutions is pleased to name Andrew Jarrett as Director of Cybersecurity, Defense and Compliance. Alongside Jarrett’s position, new expanded service offerings provide customers with even greater protection against cyber threats.

HOUSTON, March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Recently named Top Cybersecurity Company by the Houston Business Journal for the fifth consecutive year, AMSYS Innovative Solutions is proud to announce the hiring of Andrew “AJ” Jarrett as the new Director of Cybersecurity, Defense and Compliance.

Mr. Jarrett is an experienced technology and cybersecurity practitioner with over 15 years of technology experience. He previously served as Applied Cybersecurity Program Manager at the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service and Program Manager at the Texas A&M Cybersecurity Center. Jarrett has extensive professional experience in IT, cybersecurity and homeland security.

“I am delighted that Andrew has joined AMSYS’ innovative solutions team,” said the CEO and Founder of AMSYS and FAIR Bank. Khalid Parek, member of the Forbes Financial Council. “We take cybersecurity very seriously and are excited to strengthen our prevention, resilience and compliance efforts. These new capabilities allow us to not only help customers implement technology, but also develop proactive strategies to reduce cyber risks and meet compliance needs. This is a time of great growth and expansion for the entire AMSYS family.”

AMSYS Leadership in cyber security domain was recently demonstrated by the publication of the guest article Thought Leadership in Fast Company by Shemon Bartal, President of Global Services at AMSYS Innovative Solutions. Titled “How to make your business more secure against cyberattacks,” the article urges readers to “ask yourself and your team serious questions, and only reassure yourself when you have real and practical cybersecurity solutions”. The article can be read on:

“AMSYS is not just another technology provider selling cybersecurity solutions. We are a trusted partner to our customers. We guide and help them holistically reduce technology risk, with cyber being one of the most important and urgent risks facing our customers today. I am very pleased to join the team of this great company,” said Mr. Jarrett.

As part of its portfolio of managed security services, AMSYS operates a 24/7 Security Operations Center that continuously monitors customer environments for signs of compromise and monitors intelligence on threats. In addition to managed security services, AMSYS also offers a range of consulting services that help organizations develop and manage information security programs.

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While at the Texas A&M System, Mr. Jarrett founded the Texas A&M Cyber ​​Response Task Force, oversaw the development of the Texas Cyber ​​Range, and founded the Intra-System Cybersecurity Community of Practice. His past projects include developing hands-on cybersecurity training programs as part of the National Cybersecurity Preparedness Consortium (NCPC), as well as leading incident response projects and engagements supporting the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, the National Security Agency. , and various other public and private sector clients.

Jarrett previously served as Vice President and Director of Education for the Central Texas Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association, as a guest instructor at FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute, and as a guest speaker. for the Bush School of Government and Public Service. He holds multiple industry certifications, is a member of the NIST Public Safety Communications and Research Directorate Stakeholder Group and the NIST Manufacturers Extension Partnership Cybersecurity Task Force. Mr. Jarrett is also an active member of the FBI InfraGard Houston Members Alliance. Mr. Jarrett has a strong background in emergency services and homeland security, serving as the plans section chief, situation unit chief and logistics section chief during several major disasters, including Hurricane Harvey and the COVID-19 pandemic. It has also served as a cybersecurity topic in various state and federal cybersecurity planning efforts.

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AMSYS Innovative Solutions includes many additional verticals including Managed IT Services, Cybersecurity, Cloud and Voice Solutions, Physical Security, Data Centers, AV and Wireless Solutions, Network Cabling, Neobanks and Buildings smart. AIS is a division of the AMSYS Group, a leading global investment firm. In its 20th year, the company continues to expand its expertise across multiple industries, including energy, technology, finance, logistics, engineering and healthcare.

All AMSYS Group work is supported by teams of seasoned experts with decades of experience in their respective fields. Moreover, we are proud to be a long-term business partner based on the principles of integrity, honor and mutual gain. All AMSYS Group decisions are made with the prosperity of the AMSYS family in mind, including employees, customers and partners. To learn more about AMSYS Innovative Solutions, please visit or call 281-519-2642.

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