Artesian Builds suspends business operations following Twitch giveaway scandal

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Artesian Builds, a company that has been at the center of controversy in the Twitch community for a week, announced on Tuesday that it has suspended all business operations. The announcement comes after the CEO of the PC building company belittled a small streamer named Kiapiaa who won one of their PC giveaways and refused to give him the prize, leading to a massive backlash in line.

“We are sad to announce that effective immediately, we are freezing/suspending all activities,” the company said on Twitter. “A current analysis by an external lawyer for [reorganization] ensure fair treatment of customers, creditors and employees. We expect more information by the end of the month. We are open to support/investment.”

Internet outraged by Artesian Builds giveaway scandal

The organization has faced a large amount of online backlash related to a giveaway stream it hosted last week. This giveaway was for Artesian Builds Brand Ambassadors, who are streamers who can sign up to represent the company by promoting them live and in their bio in exchange for a small commission on all PC sales. After Kiapiaa’s name went live, CEO Noah Katch made many comments about Kia’s next size, then ultimately denied him the PC.

“If you haven’t heard from @ArtesianBuilds, don’t care about their little streamer ambassadors,” Kia tweeted after being rejected. “They have monthly PC giveaways for their ambassadors, great right? Except they don’t care about little streamers. I got cast and they changed their rules at the last minute. I I won the PC Fair and square. The rules say you need the Artesian panel in your twitch About, and I have it. So what’s the matter @AretsianBuilds?”

Artesian Builds ended up issuing a poorly received initial “apology”, followed by a more contrite statement later on March 1 in which they admitted Kia was the rightful owner of the PC. However, by then it was too late for the company to rebuild that bridge, as Kia rejected PC’s offer to stick with small streamers everywhere. Ironically, Kia also garnered thousands of followers along the way, as the controversy introduced her to a wider audience, making her a much bigger streamer in the end.


Streamer Kiapiaa gains thousands of followers after Artesian Builds giveaway scandal

Artesian Builds loses multiple partners amid backlash

Following the scandal that went viral, many streamers sponsored by Artesian Builds intervened. Nick Mercs said “I don’t like it”, while OTK cut ties with their former sponsor. Mizkif then trashed the quality of one of the PCs he got from streaming Artesian Builds, calling it “shit in the trash”, although he later clarified that all PCs that he had obtained from the company were not shoddy.


Mizkif Calls Quality Artesian Builds PC “Crap Into Trash” After OTK Cuts Ties With Company

On top of that, Twitch streamer Onepeg did some research and claimed that he discovered that Artesian Builds had their status with the Franchise Tax Board in California suspendedwhich could potentially mean the company will struggle to operate in California.

Given Tuesday’s grim announcement, the situation is bad enough now that Artesian Builds is struggling to remain a viable business. Trainwreck offered to buy the company and “properly manage” it in response to a Tweet from Artesian Builds saying the company was looking into the possibility of an employee buyout amid backlash towards the CEO. It may be their best option at this point.

It is possible that the artesian constructions will succeed or be redeemed, but for now things are not going well. Turns out, it doesn’t pay to be a jerk to streamers, however small you might think.