The Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) is the person designated by the university for its faculty in dealing with the Office of the President, the NCAA and the Pacific West Conference and other affiliated conferences regarding the intercollegiate athletics program of the university. The FAR serves as the liaison between the Athletics Department and the faculty and APU administration and advises the President and others on NCAA and conference issues from the faculty’s perspective. In addition, the FAR reviews NCAA self-declarations, assists students on appeals, investigates NCAA violations, and understands and follows all NCAA rules, regulations, and policies. The FAR has three main roles:

1. Ensure a quality student-athlete experience and the well-being of student-athletes;

2. Ensure the academic integrity of the athletics program; and

3. Provide institutional control of the athletics program.

Courtney Wong DavisPh.D., Associate Professor, Department of Communication Studies

Dr. Davis is an associate professor of communication management at Azusa Pacific University, where she also serves as program director and teaches communication in organizational, small group, and professional settings.

His research interests include organizational belonging, specifically focused on organizational entry and exit, in addition to intergenerational communication and organizational identification. His scholarship has been published in the Western Journal of Communication, Communication Quarterly, and The Handbook of Intergroup Communication. Her first book, Leading Small Groups that Thrive: Five Shifts to Take Your Group to the Next Level (Zondervan, 2020), is grounded in social science research and translated to provide practical input to equip small group leaders to facilitate individual spiritual growth.

A committed researcher, Dr. Davis also coaches and consults with executives and organizational leaders to explore creative solutions to complex challenges, clarify individual values, understand organizational culture, and facilitate confidence in new directions.


The Athletics Advisory Committee serves as a liaison between the Athletics Department, faculty, staff, and administration and exists to help the University develop and maintain the best possible intercollegiate athletic program consistent with integrity. academic environment of the institution and the academic, social and spiritual environment. development of student-athletes.

Committee members

Dr. Angela RoblesAssociate Professor, Department of Kinesiology, School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences


Christine R. GuzmanMSW, LCSW, Coordinator, Title IX

Denis BeckwithM.Ed., Director of Gifts and Estate Planning, University Advancement

Dr Eric SorensonChair and Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology, School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences


Jeff PostlmayrExecutive Director of Operations, School of Nursing

Dr John ThorntonPresident and Professor of Accounting, School of Business and Management


Dr. Keith HallVice President and Chief Diversity Officer


Dr Mark ArvidsonPh.D., Professor, Department of Mathematics and Physics, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Pastor Ta’Tyana LeonardMA, Associate Director of Corporate Worship, Campus Pastor


Ex-officio members

Gary Pinesports director

Bethany BlomquistMA, Senior Female Administrator, Assistant Director of Athletics for Internal Operations

Paolo Flores IIAssistant Director of Athletics, Compliance and Academic Support

SAAC representatives

Alex Lowden
Allie Brooks


The Faculty Athletic Liaison (FAL) program is designed to enhance the integration of athletics and academics by creating a culture of support for student-athletes, as they pursue academic and athletic excellence. The intention of the FAL program is to strengthen the bonds between student-athletes, coaches and teachers. Additionally, the FAL program enables faculty members to discover and understand student-athlete commitments to succeed in their academic and athletic endeavors.

Acrobatics + Tumbling: Dr. Courtney Davis, Communications Management

Baseball: Dr. Courtney Davis, Communications Management

Men’s basketball: Dr Mark Arvidson, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics

Women’s basketball: To be determined

Cross Country (men and women): Dr. Aisha Chen, Engineering and Computer Science; Teacher. Doug Hume, Political Science

Men’s football: Dr. Eric Sorenson, Kinesiology

Women’s football : To be determined

Soft ball : Dr. Angela Robles, Kinesiology

Swimming/Diving: Dr. Angela Robles, Kinesiology

Tennis (men’s and women’s): Dr. John Thornton, Accounting

Athletics (men and women): Dr. Aisha Chen, Engineering and Computer Science; Teacher. Doug Hume, Political Science

Volleyball: To be determined

Water polo: Dr. Catherine Heinlein, Nursing

FACULTY ACADEMIC ADVISORS (by department/program)

Faculty Academic Advisors are faculty and/or staff members who serve and counsel student-athletes in their academic programs. Faculty advisors can help student-athletes plan their curriculum, progress through degrees, and engage in conversations about career and post-graduate projects.

Paramedical health, biology, biochemistry: to be determined

Commercial management: Miriam Martinez for all SAs. x2848.

Communication Management: Dr. Courtney Davis

Psychology: Dr. Brian Collisson

Kinesiology: Dr. Eric Sorenson

Accounting: Ms. Raelyn Adelante

Criminal justice: to be determined

Liberal studies: to be determined

Day: to be determined

Biochemistry, Chemistry: to be determined

English: to be determined

Comp Sci: to be determined

Sociology: to be determined