Boomer King Watch: What assets will Wayne Burns privatize to Chinese business interests?

The worst threesome ever.

Now that the Boomer King has probed his kingdom, the realization that a cabal of right-wing privatization henchmen has been secretly campaigning…

…means the next focus is on the Auckland assets that Mr Burns intends to privatize to the Chinese business interests that contributed so much to his victory.

This will be problematic because a lot of Auckland’s assets are things like parks, social housing and land. Mr. Burns needs new CCO board members because he can’t push through his privatization agenda if the interested old guard is still around.

The smart move for Team Burns them will be to allow Auckland to drift so that when the economic meltdown begins next year, the Boomer King can suddenly present his fire-selling roster as a solution to an urgent economic pain.

“I sell everything to keep rates low” will be his mantra.

I would expect a ‘report’ to come out suggesting a huge rate increase to cover the perilous position Auckland has been left in and that these rates will terrify and enrage ratepayers.

It will be important for Chinese business interests to line up to buy anything they have very European sounding company names and ownership convoluted and hidden otherwise it will all seem too premeditated so expect to start hear about development societies you’ve never heard of Pacific Islander or Maori sportsmen.

Aucklanders of course thought they were voting for ‘Mr Fixit’, what they are about to get is a real lesson in brutal right-wing politics.

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