BREAKING NEWS – Government orders suspension of non-essential business activities between July 11-18

The government has ordered the suspension of all commercial and industrial activities in the city for seven days from midnight on July 11, except those that maintain the normal functioning of society, the administration secretary announced. and Justice André Cheong Weng Chon in a statement. press conference today (Saturday).

Casinos are covered by the suspension, meaning they must also close for seven days, Cheong added.

The goal is to effectively control the ongoing community outbreak of COVID-19.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the Macao SAR, the Chief Executive issued an executive order in the Official Gazette on Saturday afternoon, ordering the application of special measures between midnight July 11 and midnight July 18.

The presidential decree stipulates that “all companies, entities and establishments that carry out industrial and commercial activities suspend their activities”, except for three types of activities.

The first concerns “companies or entities that provide essential public services, namely those of water supply, electricity, natural gas and fuels, telecommunications, public transport and garbage collection, and those providing services necessary for the essential functioning of society, namely those of hotel accommodation, cleaning and hygiene, building administration, wholesale trade and transport of basic necessities for everyday life”.

The second type of exempted activity relates to “establishments necessary for maintaining the daily life of citizens, namely markets, supermarkets, restaurants, drinking establishments, food establishments, pharmacies and health care establishments. health” and the third concerns “companies, entities or establishments which have exceptionally authorized by the competent services”.

The decree of the Director General also indicates that “in the provision of their services, the companies, entities and establishments which can continue to operate referred to in the preceding paragraph must limit the number of people to be served, ensuring the distance between the people and requiring them to scan the establishment’s QR Code”.

Finally, the presidential decree also stipulates that “everyone must stay at home, except for necessary work and the purchase of basic necessities for daily life or for other urgent reasons”. Those leaving their homes “must wear a mask when they go out and adults must wear KN95 type or higher standard masks”.

It comes as the number of COVID-19 cases recorded since the current outbreak began on June 18 reached 1,374, with 71 new cases detected on Friday.

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