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The second stage of Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Homeroom addresses the value of creating meaningful connections between businesses and their partners and customers. Present at the mentorship session: Top row, from left: Serge Bernal, Vice President of Corporate Relations, Pilipinas Shell; RJ Ledesma, host. Bottom row, from L: Dennis Velasco, CEO of Prosperna, and Noreen Bautista, CEO of Panublix.

Partnerships are essential for business growth, especially in the digital age which has made creating connections faster, more accessible and comprehensive with information. This was the key lesson highlighted during Stage 2 of the 2022 Shell LiveWIRE Virtual Welcome Room on August 25, 2022, which trains aspiring entrepreneurs and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) owners to improve their services and scale.

Two successful entrepreneurs shared their insights and lessons on how building strong and lasting relationship networks can forge a stronger supply chain for greater business success: Dennis Velasco, CEO of Prosperna, a commerce platform online electronics that offers Filipino MSMEs a virtual front; and Noreen Bautista, CEO of Panublix Innovations Inc., a collaborative sourcing tool connecting designers and brands to tropical textiles and crafts practicing sustainability.

Forging business partnerships

Serge Bernal, Vice President of Corporate Relations at Pilipinas Shell, explained the programme’s vision of nurturing the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs: “Pilipinas Shell has been a partner in the Philippines for over 108 years and we remain committed to helping Filipino startups and businesses adapt, innovate and thrive,” Bernal said. “Thanks to the partnerships forged, we can do our part in building a better future for the country. Together we can continue to move the Philippines forward.

Bautista, who started her first social enterprise in high school, pointed out that the success of the business is tied to the societal relevance that affects other organizations.

This synergy can help develop the livelihood communities where she has been working for 10 years. “Their business growth hasn’t been as fast as it could have been,” she said. “It’s really a systemic problem with SME development where micro-enterprises don’t turn into medium-sized enterprises. This is the kind of social problem I want to address.

Bautista also pointed out that a purpose and a mission can strengthen businesses during the most tumultuous times. “Have a clear view, at the end of the day, with the ups and downs of the startup life,” she said. “Once you have that ‘north star’ – the why – you can figure out the how.”.

Design digital connections

Meanwhile, Velasco explained that advocacy beyond business concerns attracts like-minded partners. “When you can create a mission, it will create a sequel,” he said. “Without an audience or community, it’s hard to make and sell anything. Advocacy is an investment in your brand: 43% of consumers will buy from a brand they can connect with through advocacy. »

He also urged startup owners to put in the effort to find the “best kind of partnership for your business, and then strengthen your partner ecosystem. Do the hard work to document goals and invest in technology to move fast.

Through partnerships, companies can increase access to new customers “because 92% of people trust referrals from people they know. Don’t try to grow your business on your own. Everyone is looking for a friend in the business world.

3rd stage of Homeroom Sessions

Shell LiveWIRE is a leading community and technology accelerator in the Philippines and Pilipinas Shell’s flagship global business development program. It provides a platform where successful visionary founders can showcase their innovative ideas and make their business designs viable, easily scalable, and attractive to investors. Since 2020, more than 700 bright young Filipino innovators, including community and social enterprises, have been attracted to Shell LiveWIRE, with more than 20 successful startups receiving support in the form of training, mentorship and capital funding.

The third and final stage of the Shell LiveWIRE virtual hospitality room will take place on September 8, 2022 and will highlight how brands can increase their influence by creating a digital footprint. The previous stage, held on August 18, 2022, discussed the growth mindset with diversity and inclusion as the key to organizational growth and improvement.

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