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For decades, the Galadari brothers have helped bring many world-class brands to the region

Emirati conglomerate Galadari Brothers plans to make its first foray into Israel’s booming economy, as bilateral trade between the two countries continues to grow a year after the signing of the Abraham Accords. As the two nations explore ways to strengthen cooperation in trade, industry, technology, education, medicine, agriculture and tourism, the Galadari brothers see opportunities trade in the new geopolitical realignments. This comes at a time when the UAE group – which operates in various verticals – is expanding its presence in many countries including Australia, UK, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India and Pakistan. Galadari Brothers has been helping businesses set up and grow in the region for over 50 years. With a presence in a wide range of industries, it offers a variety of products and services.


Suhail Galadari

Suhail Galadari, Co-Chair

We see huge potential in diversifying investments between the UAE and Israel by exploring opportunities in various economic sectors. Having expanded our footprint into various businesses in the region and beyond, Galadari Brothers will be a good choice for industry leaders in Israel to partner with.

mohamed galadari

Mohamed Galadari, co-president

Mohammad Galadari, Co-president

The Abraham Accords are a harbinger of a major realignment of trade alliances in the region. Businesses in the UAE are compelled to innovate to complement the country’s broader vision of being a global gateway. Galadari Brothers is ready to go the extra mile to bring the benefits of the new partnership to both the nation and the group. The company is carefully planning its future expansion by choosing the right talent pool in the region and in global business centers.

Mohamed Yahya Kazi Meeran

Mohamed Yahya Kazi Meeran, Director and Group CEO

Mohamed Yahya Kazi Meeran, Group Director and CEO

The group has ambitious growth plans. Moving forward requires a long-term sustainable business strategy that can make the group more resilient, stimulating its appetite to take risks and unlocking potential in the business segments offered by the UAE-Israel partnership.

The group already had a head start shortly after signing the Abraham Accords, as various Israel-based media and public relations firms approached its flagship newspaper, Khaleej Times, for a working relationship. A business conference jointly organized by Khaleej Times and The Jerusalem Post Group in June this year was a resounding success. The conference, Global Investment Forum 2021, held at the Armani Hotel in Dubai, focused on developing investment opportunities and deepening global collaborations.

The initiative represented a new dawn in the multi-faceted economic relationship between the two countries and brought together senior government officials, business leaders and industry experts from the public and private sectors of the UAE, d from Israel, Bahrain, Morocco, India and the United States, including health, hospitality, defense, security, trade and technology.

Negotiations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel on a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) are progressing as planned. It is expected to be signed within the nine-month deadline set by the foreign ministers of the two countries in June this year.

Non-oil trade between the UAE and Israel has reached over $675 million since the historic pact was signed. Several partnerships – including six major agreements – have also been sealed in various sectors, from artificial intelligence and cybersecurity to food and water security, energy, tourism, environment and health. Many more are expected to be announced soon.

Tourism exchanges between the two nations have also seen a significant boost, with around 250,000 Israelis visiting the UAE in recent times.

Here is an overview of the trades and expertise of the Galadari Brothers group:

Among its many businesses, the group’s Galadari Heavy Equipment (HED) division supports leading world-class brands in heavy earthmoving, construction, electrical systems and material handling equipment. The company is the exclusive and sole distributor of brands such as Komatsu, Bomag, JCB, Linkbelt and Dieci. With the company’s main market share in the United Arab Emirates, these brands have served numerous clients in building world-class projects.

The Galadari Food and Beverage division has held a Baskin-Robbins license for over 40 years and operates nearly 900 ice cream shops in the Middle East, as well as Dunkin’ Donuts in Qatar.

After achieving great success for Mazda Motor Corporation in the UAE for over 45 years, Galadari Automobiles Co (GAL) has become a leader in the industry. It operates showrooms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah. With over 500 employees and 14 facilities, the company provides world-class automotive services and products, ensuring after-sales support and the best customer experience.

Galadari’s Industrial Division has been at the forefront of the UAE’s industrial and construction sectors, offering services through Galadari Engineering Works Ltd Co. LLC; Galadari Engineering Works India; Tech International FZC; and Arab Emirates Bandac Co. LLC.

With the distinction of being the leading English-language daily in the United Arab Emirates, the Galadari Group’s Khaleej Times is the country’s most trusted and popular source of news, opinion and entertainment. Beyond breaking news, the KT news platform is renowned for its persuasive analysis and opinion and compelling multimedia content. Published by Galadari Printing and Publishing (GPP), the newspaper is distributed in the United Arab Emirates and throughout the Gulf region.

The Galadari Hotel Colombo – located in the heart of the Sri Lankan capital – tells a splendid story of world-class hospitality that spans over 34 years. Its spacious, luxurious rooms that offer stunning ocean views, along with superb amenities and first-class service, have consistently met and exceeded guest expectations.

The company Galadari Real Estate (GRE) was established in 1978. The company owns the rental and management of real estate; purchase and sale of real estate; and the organization of exhibitions in its portfolio. It has grown alongside its sister subsidiaries, providing them with solutions to their growing real estate needs while meeting the needs of external customers.


Since the rise of the modern emirate, Dubai has earned a reputation as a regional and international hub for business and entrepreneurship, attracting investors from around the world. Galadari Investments International helps clients build a strong and sustainable portfolio of investments, locally and internationally, across multiple sectors including real estate, corporates and services.