Cobourg Police launch new pilot fund to inspire community safety solutions and partnerships

The Cobourg Police Service (CPS) Board of Directors has announced that it has launched a new “Community Safety Innovation Fund”, in hopes of inspiring and accelerating safety solutions in partnership with the community.

As the police strive to provide top-quality services to Cobourg citizens and businesses, innovation and partnerships are key to improving community safety, the council said when announcing the new initiative.

The goal of the new pilot program is to inspire community organizations to work with the service to develop and test innovative community-focused safety and wellbeing strategies, it was explained.

“The service has a proven track record of piloting new methods to increase community safety through innovation,” said Board Chairman Dean Pepper.

This includes working closely with community partners like Cornerstone, Northumberland Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC), Rebound and Northumberland Hills Hospital, where in some cases joint programming has extended to benefit of multiple communities, Pepper added.

This pilot project aims to “catalyze more activities that can improve public safety”.

Funded by the Cobourg Police Service – Business Center (Corporate Services), the new fund provides an initial $50,000 to support projects that offer creative ideas to advance community engagement, problem solving , new approaches to crime prevention or the impact of crime, it was explained.

The board hopes that by investing in additional community projects, this fund will help spur collective action to improve community safety.

“A safe community is not the sole responsibility of traditional policing,” noted CPS Chief Paul VandeGraaf.

“That’s why we are pleased to continue to work in partnership with our community to find new ways to address the conditions that impact public safety.

“We are looking for new and innovative ideas that we can try together. Whether this results in one or more projects will be determined once applications are received and assessed,” VandeGraaf explained.

Applications will be received until June 30 at 3 p.m.

“Our hope is that our $50,000 will spark big ideas and big, long-term, impactful and lasting results for Cobourg and Northumberland County,” VandeGraaf said.

More information can be found via

For interested organizations, optional information sessions are also scheduled for April 26 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at Venture13 (739 D’Arcy Street). Please note: both sessions will cover the same content.

Sessions will be held in a hybrid style to accommodate those who wish to attend in person or virtually. To register, send an email to [email protected]

The goal is to research, improve, and expand high-quality, innovative programs that achieve clear results for residents and businesses. Funding aligns with projects where organizations are based or directly serve Cobourg, although partnerships are encouraged with groups outside the community to contribute ideas and build capacity, it was explained.