Company urges solar power partnerships to reduce deficits

the herald

Michel Tome

business journalist

SHINKO Afrika, a local company specializing in the supply of solar energy, said the authorities should consider partnering with more solar energy companies to reduce the persistent energy deficits that have plagued the country lately. .

According to the Managing Director of Shinko Afrika, Prince Chizemo, the move will reduce the electricity dependency of Kariba Hydropower Station and Hwange Power Station. The solar energy company pointed out that while there are many players in the solar energy sector, few have been assessed and approved by the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA), a position which he said undermined the sector’s contribution to solving electricity problems.

Nonetheless, he said the sector was generally favored due to government policies through the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) and Ministry of Finance interventions which resulted in the easing of tariffs on commodities. solar cells, making the products more affordable in the local market.

In an interview with The Herald Finance & Business, Mr Chizemo said Zimbabwe is blessed with abundant sunshine and should tap into solar energy to provide electricity to the population through partnerships with solar generators. independent energy companies in the solar energy sector through the creation of more solar farms which feed into the main grid, further emphasizing that this would contribute significantly to the availability of local industry as the energy situation would be improved.

“We have an energy crisis in Zimbabwe and the majority of our industries and households are compromised by the lack of electricity, at Shinko Afrika we are considering partnering with our electricity utility companies to generate more energy for Zimbabwe.

“We would like to partner with our electricity companies in taking more households off the grid, which means we have more energy to allocate to industry, which means more production.

“As Shinko Afrika, we are reshaping ourselves to be in a position where we can partner with the government and the energy fraternity of Zimbabwe so that we can establish solar farms and power the grid,” Mr Chizemo said.

He encouraged actors in the agricultural sector to adopt green energy (solar energy) as it is a sustainable source of energy for animal husbandry and irrigation.

Mr. Chizemo said that the use of solar energy would be essential to power irrigation, which is a complement to rain-fed agriculture, thus improving the production of the sector in the country.

“Zimbabwe is an agricultural society and the more we invest in solar energy, the more we become the breadbasket of Africa. We don’t always have to rely on rains, but we can tap underground springs for irrigation. As a company, we are committed to the growth of this economy in terms of agricultural products,” Mr. Chizemo said.

Critically, the company pointed out that the adoption of its business sector was inspired by the need to promote sustainability with regard to the supply of electricity in the country, in parallel with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ) set by the United Nations (UN).

“Growing up I didn’t understand what it meant for our livestock to have water because it was natural, but over the years the environment has become poorer in some parts of the country, many rivers dry up and livestock cannot get water.

“It made us look at SDG 13, towards environmental sustainability and ending global warming, so we embraced green energy,” he said.

Mr. Chizemo, however, acknowledged that the opening of the solar market in the country has led to the importation of counterfeit products into the country. Shinko Afrika is a Zimbabwean-owned solar energy company that has been in the market since 2019.

It focuses on solar power solutions for home, business, farm, mining and industry with the supply of common solar and high voltage solar panels, pump inverters, electric and current pumps. continuous as well as lithium batteries.

The company is in sourcing partnership with Sunmax of China, a world renowned entity for the purchase of solar products (ZERA certified) for the local market. Sunmax is a brand that provides green energy products.