CR aims to raise Rs20cr by monetizing its 175 assets | Nagpur News

CR Commercial Team Prepares for New Initiatives to Generate Additional Revenue Through “Public Amenities” and “Railway Revenue” Models

Nagpur: central railwayThe Nagpur division of (CR) is targeting a 48% increase in non-tariff revenue (NFR) generation in the current financial year by raising Rs 20 million through the monetization of 175 assets spread across its jurisdiction. Last year, about Rs 13.50 crore was generated despite sluggish business activity due to the pandemic.
Driven by the resumption of activities, the CR commercial team is preparing for new initiatives to generate additional revenue through the “amenities-to-public” and “revenue-to-railways” models. Finalizing a deal with Raisoni and Shree Vaidyanath Groups in ‘station co-branding’ was CR’s latest success, helping them earn an income of around Rs 1.34 crore.
CR’s commercial team, under the leadership of Divisional Railway Manager Richa Khare, Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Krishnath Patil and Divisional Commercial Manager Vijay Thool, has promoted its 54 stations to various commercial groups for three-year contracts. year. “In three days of the first week of July, CR has awarded contracts worth Rs 3.30 crore, of which Rs 1 crore will come this year,” a source said.
The source added that around 174 railway assets have been identified, such as locomotives, engines, billboards and station premises, which will be used to generate revenue. “Two coaches have been added to the two Pune-bound trains as luggage carriers, which can be reserved for bulk parcels,” the official source said.
Apart from the business scenario that is currently emerging, the railway board’s policy of awarding contracts through electronic auctions and online payments has raised revenue expectations. “If suppliers fail to make timely payments in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding with the railways, their contracts will be automatically terminated. Therefore, sellers cannot afford to default, which will increase current revenue and not appear as pending,” an official said.
CR’s Nagpur division is now gearing up to ensure that its upcoming online auction for the station taxi contract becomes a success, with many taxi aggregators vying for the tender. “Passengers have been asking for a taxi service at stations for a long time, after the termination of the last contract. This will generate revenue and also meet passenger demand,” the official said.


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