Drive innovation through partnerships with solution providers

What role do our solution provider partners play when it comes to selecting and implementing new products and innovations? More importantly, what role should they play? What are the most important questions loss prevention managers need to ask? What are some of the key considerations that are part of the decision-making process? What role should the solution provider play in bringing the innovation to the field?

When it comes to managing critical products and services, leaders in retail loss prevention can no longer rely on “vendors” who simply sell products to help us make decisions that change things. We need solution provider partners who can help us every step of the way, from purchasing a product to implementing it in the field.

When discussing innovation as part of the loss prevention process, our thoughts should go beyond a particular product or technology and into all of the creative processes that help our business meet our needs and to our goals. Having the right solution partners that we trust and who are able to make the process successful is often as important as the innovation itself.

To help us answer some of these critical questions, LP Magazine spoke with several industry experts and trusted solution provider partners to share their insights into the role of solution providers and the expectations that leaders in loss prevention in retail should have when making these important decisions.

Kris Vece

Kris Vece, LPQ, Vice President of Strategic Accounts at Protos Security

Rhett Asher
Rhett Asher

Rhett Asher, Vice President of Marketing, Community Relations and Partnerships at ALTO USA

Tom Meehan
Tom Meehan

Tom Meehan, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at CONTROLTEK USA

David Studdert

David Studdert, Director of Business Development, LiveView Technologies

Join us as these seasoned partners share their insights on the role the solution provider should play in these important decisions and what loss prevention managers should expect from these relationships.

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