Druski talks about new partnerships, Will Ferrell and texting with Jack Harlow!

You can’t access social media without seeing a meme or sketch of Drusky.

the explosion correspondent Ty Cole was able to chat with the northeast Atlanta native about his new partnership with Mountain Dew and Frilly for NBA star weekendhis relationships with celebrities like Jack Harlow and Duckand how he wants to work with Will Ferrell on a future sketch.

Druski scores Mountain Dew/Ruffles partnership for NBA All-Star weekend

NBA All-Star Weekend takes place in Cleveland, Ohio this weekend, and Frilly associates with Mountain Dew to host a star-studded consumer activation with celebrities we love called The block. The three-day experience will be feature guest appearances from the likes of the Grammy-nominated multi-platinum rap star GunnaNBA and WNBA athletes Zach LaVine, Jayson Tatum, Collin Sexton, A’ja Wilson, comedian Drusky, and Dr Disrespect.

“The Block” opened on Friday, February 18 and will continue to allow fans to experience the activation on Saturday, February 19 and Sunday, February 20 from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. ET.

Druski is also a major contributor as the soda brand returns as official sponsor of the fan-favorite 3-point contest and features the social media star’s podcast, The dew zone, cover the contest and test the league’s best players in the star-studded MTN DEW 3-Point Contest. The content unfolds on Saturday, February 19 at 7 p.m. ET on TNT during NBA All-Star in Cleveland.

Asked about his partnership with the two brands for the weekend and his involvement with 3-Point content, the internet sensation told The Blast he’s always wanted to be involved in some capacity.

“I’ve always wanted to be involved in 3-point content because my family sees it as a big deal,” he shared. “My mum would love to watch All-Star Weekend, so I consider it a great opportunity for sure.”

Now, while he can cross that achievement off his bucket list, he also tells us that he also wants to tick off a “successful stand-up tour” and wants his fans to give him their “honest opinion,” as he wants to give him the best.

Druski on His Text Messages With Celebs Like Drake + Recent “Knowledgeable Conversation” With Jack Harlow

It’s no secret that Druski enjoys great relationships with some of today’s biggest celebrities, but you have to wonder what are they talking about when they’re on their break?

He tells us that if someone looks into their phone and sees what kind of conversations they have with their famous friends, you’ll most likely find a lot of “jokes.”

“A lot of jokes around me would see that I have with some of these people,” he told The Blast. “We like to joke around a lot and I have some good celebrity friends – super down to earth. For me, I like seeing the real person behind the screen, so I’m pretty close to them – lots of fun conversations, that’s is on.

He then recounts that one of the recent funny conversations he had was with Harlow, which he called “a good, knowledgeable conversation.”

Their budding friendship has been brewing for months and has even been discussed in Complex for their September cover. It all started when a fan met the 23-year-old rapper and told him how they “share the same bestie” in Druski. The comedian commented on his friendship with the 3x BET Award winner, telling the publication that they were on “two different paths in the same transition.”

“I think we share a lot of the same goals, just like,” Druski told Complex.

“So I think the biggest thing with us is just, I could talk to him, like, ‘Yo, so in this situation, how do I move on with this? And he’ll give me advice, like, ‘Yo, I just went through this.’ You know what I’m saying? I’m like, ‘Damn, I needed this.’ same person you started with – not necessarily who you started with, but we’re on two different paths, but we’re making the same transition.

Harlow commented on the friendship in the play, saying they both found they had “real ambitions”.

“We caught the world’s attention around the same time,” Harlow told the publication.

“While we were on that first bus tour, one thing we discovered about each other is that we both have real ambitions. We’re not people who fell there- in. We’re both very hungry. He has aspirations. I have aspirations. We spend time together. But when we’re apart, he works hard as hell wherever he wants. I do the same. And then we go back to each other like, “Yo, I did this. And we push each other. We just admire each other. We never force anything. Everything that’s happened for us on The internet is because we were just together at the time and the camera was rolling.

Druski tells us about his dream All-Star team

For every All-Star weekend, you definitely want to walk in the door swinging with your starting five – or you’re wrong. The same sensation told The Blast if the NBA allows him to have an All-Star team next year, who he would pick – and the team looks pretty solid.

“Certainly Jack Harlow will have to be playmaker,” he told us. “I have to have YK Osiris in the squad somewhere, either as a center or a playmaker. I should also have Petey Pablo in the team because it is a very respective name. And for the last two, I would say the Ying Yang Twins.

Interesting team for sure.

Druski tells us about his favorite meme + wants Will Ferrell in his next skit

Like we said earlier, you can’t be on social media and not see Druski on your timeline.

He says the explosion while he has so many iconic memes to choose from, his favorite meme has to be the What do you mean even with the side profile he actually uses a lot on Twitter that he mentions.

Of course, we’re sure each phone is stacked with one of his memes ready to be used in conversation.

During the interview, as he worked with so many people in his sketches, recounts the explosion he would like to have Will Ferrell participate in one of his sketches.

“Will Ferrell is definitely at the top of my list,” he tells us. “Not just in terms of sketches, but in general in terms of movies and TV.”

Druski’s Next Big Business

Druski is set to use his stardom and open business ventures with a production company called 4sentenced to life and his record label called It could have been recordswhich was first used as a joke in response to Meek Mill and its etiquette issues.

“I’m definitely working on my production company 4Lifers and Could’ve Been Records as a real label,” he shares. “You’ll see a lot of things coming from these two platforms. In terms of the stories I want to create with my production company, I would really like to tell the real side of comedians and the real ways of life. I come from the suburbs but from the area I’m from Gwinett county it’s a jack of all trades label wise I’m looking for artists who are serious and we really sing people – trying to go straight to goal.

Watch the full interview HERE!