Egypt opens commercial activities in the “Smart City”

Egypt has opened commercial activities in its famous “smart city”, the largest of its kind in the Arab world.

On Tuesday, officials from the Egyptian Agency for Partnership for Development (AEPD) led 27 visiting journalists from sub-Saharan Africa on a guided tour of the vast estate.

Translated as “Smart Village” in the official Arabic language of Egypt, the estate is home to 180 businesses and sits on one million meters of land. No less than 800,000 people work in various local businesses.

The village is located in the Al Ziza desert in the Giza Governorate in Cairo.

According to the facility’s marketing manager, Piney Mohammed, construction of the smart village began 29 years ago to serve a particular purpose for Egypt.

She explained that the city was designed to be the hub of big business in Egypt and other neighboring countries in the Arab world, especially those in North Africa.

The city is home to the headquarters of Egypt’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, including the country’s Institute of Information Technology.

A cybersecurity expert working at the institute, Mohammed Ali, said that up to 85% of the institute’s graduates usually get a job before graduating.