Employee Spotlight: Jovonnie Gonzales, Senior Director, Convenience Partnerships

#1 – Tell us about your role and your journey so far at DoorDash.

DoorDash was only my second job out of college and almost everything I’ve done here has been my first. Whether it’s scaling businesses, hitting sales targets, or managing a team, it’s amazing to be in a place that bets on your potential and provides opportunities for growth.

#2 – What does a day in the life of DoorDash look like to you?

No two days are the same and things can change almost every hour. With strong growth, it’s important to be able to adapt and iterate quickly, but that’s what makes it so exciting to be here. Overall, my day is really about solving complex problems. Whether it’s helping my team remove all blockers or working directly with merchants to fix their pain points, it’s humbling to be able to help.

#3 – What achievement are you most proud of in your career?

My proudest accomplishment has been building diverse teams and helping them grow. I spend the majority of my time recruiting and developing people, so it’s exciting to watch them rack up wins and prepare for the next stage of their careers.

#4 – What kind of impact do you have for our DoorDash customers?

The most direct impact I’ve had on our customers has been increasing the selection of our corporate merchants, both in convenience stores and restaurant verticals. I’ve had the pleasure of expanding access to thousands of unique locations, helping to offer delivery even in some of our smaller markets. Being able to provide access has been the most rewarding aspect of my job.

#5 – What was your experience in the WeDash program?

I did a WeDash a few weeks ago at a convenience store in NYC and the experience itself was helpful in informing what we need to build on to improve our convenience store dasher experience. I am optimistic we will continue to create a top-notch experience for our new verticals.

#6 – What ERGs are you involved in (if any) and how have they supported you at DoorDash?

I helped create [email protected] (recently renamed [email protected]) and served as co-chair for nearly two years. Now I continue to support as a general member. ERGs have given me an incredible sense of community here at DD. It was amazing to have a brave space where you can connect with people from similar backgrounds and cultures.

#7 – Since you will be speaking on the Upwardly Global panel, could you please share how your immigrant experience has shaped you?

Culture has always been important to me. As an Iranian/Mexican American, I have been blessed with a wealth of experience in cultural identity and an appreciation of the diversity created by immigration. Outside of home, I was also exposed to various immigration experiences because my school was on the Mexican border and a large student population was undocumented. Immigration has helped me understand unique experiences through stories of friends and family, which has made me more open-minded to all of our incredible differences.

#8 – What do you like most about your job at DoorDash, and what do you think is important for potential candidates to know?

I like being able to have a positive impact on a large scale. It is one of the few places where you can enter with any level of skill and experience and still have an astronomical impact with your work.

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