Ethereum Ranks Among 50 Largest Global Assets By Market Cap After Recent Price Move

Ethereum became the 50th most valuable asset, overtaking stocks of key companies like Walt Disney, Cisco, Astrazeneca, Alibaba and T-Mobile.

The classification by indicates that Ethereum is currently valued at a market cap of $195.5 billion while Walt Disney is just below with a valuation of $193.15 billion.

#Ethereum ranked among the world’s 50 most valuable assets and companies, beating Walt Disney, Morgan Stanley, Adobe, Netflix, IBM, among other companies

Market capitalization is described as the value of a listed company. In most cases, it can be easily calculated by multiplying the stock price by the number of shares outstanding.

Ethereum joined Bitcoin (valued at $399.42 billion) as the only other cryptocurrency in the top 50 most valuable assets with Bitcoin ranked 14th in the list, just above Walmart and below Visa. .

Gold is the most valuable asset in the world right now with the market capitalization reaching T$10.876 and its price is $1,648. Below gold we have Apple, Saudi Aramco, Alphabet (Google) and Microsoft finishing in the top 5.

Below is the full list of the 50 most valuable assets:

  1. Gold
  2. Apple
  3. Saudi Arabia
  4. Microsoft
  5. Alphabet (Google)
  6. Silver
  7. Amazon
  8. You’re here
  9. Berkshire Hathaway
  10. UnitedHealth
  11. Exxon Mobil
  12. Johnson $ Johnson
  13. Visa
  14. Bitcoin
  15. walmart
  16. JPMorgan Chase
  17. SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust
  18. Chevron
  19. Nvidia
  20. Eli Lily
  21. palladium
  22. LVMH
  23. TSMC
  24. Procter & Gamble
  25. MasterCard
  26. Home deposit
  27. Nestle’
  28. Bank of America
  29. rock
  30. Samsung
  31. Metaplatforms (Facebook)
  32. Pfizer
  33. Coca Cola
  34. AbbVie
  35. Merck
  36. Tencent
  37. Pepsico
  38. Novo Nordisk
  39. Platinum
  40. Kweichow Mutai
  41. Costco
  42. Oracle
  43. Trust Industries
  44. mcdonalds
  45. Shell
  46. ICCB
  47. Thermo Fisher Scientific
  48. Ethereum
  49. ASML
  50. waltz disney

At the time of writing (October 30, 2022), Ethereum is priced at $1,622 up 25%.

Ethereum last 7 days

Similarly, the price is up 25% in the past 2 weeks and 21% in the past month despite low price activity following its full transition to proof-of-stake on September 15, 2022, which introduced a new era for smart contracts. network.

The transition was the most significant change to blockchain infrastructure since its launch in 2013, as it reduced its nearly 99.9% energy consumption while setting the stage for further efficiency improvements.

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However, a few days after the transition, concerns emerged that 2 knots dominated the new network of points of sale.


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