For sustainability, Macy’s signs new partnerships – WWD

Macy’s Inc. is advancing its sustainability and social programs with new partnerships.

To achieve its goal of reaching 100% preferred materials in its private labels by 2030, Macy’s joined Better cotton, an organization that promotes better standards and practices in cotton growing while protecting the environment. Macy’s program involves increase sustainably sourced raw materials and fibers, including cotton, synthetic materials and all wood-based materials, in the design of its own brand products.

“Macy’s is proud to join Better Cotton as we continue to take concrete steps to achieve sustainable production goals with our private brands,” said Keelin Evans, vice president of sustainability at Macy’s. “As we build on the public commitments outlined in our social purpose platform, we leverage key partnerships like Better Cotton to help us achieve our sustainability goals across our value chain.”

Last year, Macy’s launched a sitelet on which lists products that are independently certified to a third-party sustainability standard. The sitelet includes Macy’s private label products in the home, apparel and accessories categories, and makes it easy for buyers to find sustainable styles independently certified as responsibly made.

The retailer also revealed that it had raised $1.5 million for the Trust for Public Land through an organized campaign From April 1-30, Macy’s customers could round up their in-store purchases and donate change (up to 99 cents) or donate online at to support TPL’s community schoolyard projects, that transform barren schoolyards into shared green spaces for communities.

“The extra few cents donated at checkout equals millions of dollars to help fund programs that build community and climate resilience,” said Sam Di Scipio, Macy’s senior director, corporate communications, donations and volunteerism. April is Earth Month.

Macy’s also announced that it has formed a partnership with Business for Social Responsibility’s HerProject, which champions the advancement of women’s rights, women’s equality and family well-being. Specifically, Macy’s offers training services so women can have more control over their lives outside the factory. “Specifically, we fund two programs HerHealth and HerFinance that ensure women have the knowledge and skills to feel empowered in these areas,” a Macy’s spokeswoman said.

Besides, help reduce, reuse and reuse materials to eliminate waste, Macy’s has launched a partnership with Give Back Box. By June, Macy’s customers can reuse Macy’s shipping boxes to donate and recycle unwanted clothing. Customers can reuse Macy’s boxes to return and donate/recycle unwanted clothing or household items. All they have to do is fill the box, print the shipping label and drop it off with the shipping provider, which is UPS. Macy’s covers shipping costs.

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