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SAN DIEGO, February 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS® (SDAR) has signed formal agreements with real estate associations across Asiaopening the door for REALTORS® to compete in the global marketplace by expanding to international clients.

San Diego is a prime location for foreign property buyers and SDAR is looking for new opportunities for brokers and agents to do business in the international market. Thanks to reciprocal agreements with associations in four countries across Asia, SDAR establishes mutual interests to do more business and promote their respective markets. This past year, Asia represented the largest group of international buyers in United States to 22%, and even more in California at 47% according to the National Association of REALTORS®.

“These growing partnerships will give REALTORS® a chance to attract new clients by collaborating with industry professionals throughout Asia“, declared the president of the SDAR Chris Anderson. “With nearly half of all international sales in California from buyers of Asiawe are excited to cultivate these relationships to enable our members to capture a larger segment of the international market.”

SDAR’s Global Real Estate department is leading the charge to forge stronger links with markets around the world and open up new business opportunities for its members. Due to the significant investment of Asia on the local real estate market, agreements have been negotiated with associations Japan, India, South Koreaand Singapore – with ongoing talks with several other countries. These relationships are formed to facilitate business growth among members, to maintain the highest standards of practice, and to build stronger, more diverse communities.

Beyond its appeal for the climate and tourism, the San Diego one the leading life sciences industry and its growing technology hub make it an attractive destination for buyers from around the world Asia. Despite a national decline in foreign real estate investment during the pandemic, the San Diego one The market is poised for significant growth as travel restrictions ease over time and more international students return to US universities.

“The Japan-America Real Estate Coalition (JARECO) is pleased to have entered into a cooperative relationship with SDAR, as Japan has become more interested in international investment in recent years,” JARECO CEO said Hideaki Homma. “Thanks to the San Diego one charm in its unique fusion of city and resort, we believe this partnership will increase business opportunities among our international members. We are delighted to continue to work closely with SDAR as part of this partnership.”

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