Greedy Gramps uses the power of community and partnerships

Greedy Gramps is set to launch his legendary work NFT in February 2022, including artwork that has currently caught the eye of international art fair Art Basel Miami. Released on the Ethereum blockchain, the 10,000 profile picture drop will mark a new era of community membership and perks as Greedy Gramps prepares to deliver real value to its holders with markdown tickets, resort stays , a luxury style, and also Suite. Getting some energy ahead of launch, Greedy Gramps is a project backed by a network of global celebrities who are set to reveal themselves over the next few weeks.

As a global project, the Greedy Gramps team is made up of talented designers from all over the world. Before the launch, they will certainly present their collection of consultants made up of high-level crypto professionals. The list includes big names like YouTuber kwebbelkop, Holland’s biggest Twitch streamer, existing crypto makers like Conor Kenny and Matthias Mende, trending Dubai podcaster AJ “Jibber with Jaber” Jaber, as well as business owners. company like Udo Schloemer and also Matt Haycox.

A community with a reputation
“Essentially, our band has been kept private,” says the musician behind Greedy Gramps, who goes by the name Kumart. “However, as we get closer to launch, we will openly drop the names of a large portion of our companions and consultants who are major names in the crypto room.” The core group behind the task is comprised of a team with stories that span art, modern technology, and culture, bringing this NFT work a comprehensive and informative angle that is sure to resonate with existing NFT enthusiasts and fans alike. those who are intrigued and also brand new to the room.

Greedy Gramps currently has partnerships with JMES and CreativesRow, as well as the support of advisory board members consisting of James RT, Marius Krämer, Nick Anderson and Julie Schloemer, among others. “We want to build a zone backed by credible names to ensure we can provide a degree of trust and security.” This method is two-pronged – not only did they gain social proof of star assistance, but they also reinforced their commitment to real value that humanizes digital properties and connects new participants to the goal. and to the goal.

“We believe that the ability to gain real-life benefits through owning Greedy Gramps NFT makes us a leader in this hybrid space. Considering our subscription as more than just a Discord team, which prevails along with several other trending NFT projects, we are expanding to offer our owners considerable incentives in a way that resembles AMEX Centurion Commitment Membership Advantages, for example.

The celebrity neighborhood, in combination with the remarkable artistic layouts, and also the importance of the real world positions Greedy Gramps to redefine what it entails to introduce a major NFT project, in addition to what it means to manage a real-world loyalty and perks program. “We see our design as one that will disrupt and reconceptualize loyalty programs outside of the metaverse, launching a truly seamless experience between the digital and the real.”

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