How the Packed Party Founder Launched Her $50 Million Business

  • Jordan Jones, CEO of theme pack company Packed Occasion, dreamed up his model in 2013.
  • It is now valued at $50 million and sells at merchants like Walmart and Complete Meals across the United States.
  • She kept the business going by innovating by inventing new products and creating partnerships.

Jordan Jones, CEO and founder of Packed Party, does not come from a line of businessmen. In truth, when the 31-year-old was just getting started, her mum and dad worried about the effort.

“My mom and dad were kind of skeptical, and they’re of course my biggest supporters, but they thought I’d get a job,” Jones told Insider. “I wasn’t someone who had a lot of people around me who started businesses. It never occurred to me that I would launch this huge model and a day’s work might supply all these national traders.

Right now, Jones’ moms and dads needn’t worry. Packed Celebration, which sells social gathering supplies, add-ons and seasonal products at outlets such as Walmart, Full Food and Neiman Marcus, was valued at up to $50 million at the last Sequence A close. and counts marketers like Blake Chandlee, TikTok’s president of global business methods. Additionally, the company noted that it was seeing a 230% increase in revenue from 2018 to 2021.

Jones shared with Insider how his multimillion-dollar organization started from a pitiful social gathering and grew into a lifestyle entity.

Dreaming of a pity

In 2013, Jones reported that she was having trouble making close friends and adjusting to her lifestyle in San Francisco, shuttling back and forth between Silicon Valley and show business from her condominium in Cow Hollow.

One evening, Jones called her mother to lament the difficulties she was struggling with in the city just after leaving Dallas, Texas, but her mother did not allow her daughter to feel sorry for herself. . So she gave her daughter some pretty motherly advice: “She was like, ‘Jordan, maybe you’re having a pity party and I’ll hang up the cell phone. Go to bed now and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

That July night, Jones went to bed early and felt a desire that would change her calling. The CEO dreamed of…