Intel, Nauto, Helium and more – IoT World Today

From Intel’s acquisition of cloud optimization startup Granulate to Nauto adding new partners to its channel program and everything in between, here are the latest deals and partnerships happening in the Internet of Things.

IA Nauto Vehicle Safety Technology Group Adds New Partners

Nauto, a provider of AI safety technologies for vehicles, adds new partners Brandmotion and Advantage Asset Tracking to its channel program. With these additions, Nauto now has 15 distribution partners, including fleet management company Donlen and leasing company Orix. Through this program, Nauto’s partners can resell the group’s vehicle safety technology to existing and new customers, designed to reduce distracted driving and collisions by up to 80%.

IoT Platform Provider Partners with Memfault for IoT Device Development

Software company Dimension Four has announced a partnership with cloud-based device observability specialist Memfault to deliver more streamlined infrastructure for developing IoT devices. Combining the solutions of both companies, the collaboration aims to solve the challenges faced by IoT device manufacturers, which are often interrupted in the product testing phase due to insufficient infrastructure. According to the partners, they can “optimize access to device and sensor data for application and device management,” and speed a device to market.

Dack integrates with the Yonomi Smart Home Platform

Digital stay SaaS provider Dack partners with Allegion’s home integration platform, Yonomi. The collaboration combines group offerings to create a unified system for short-term renters to access and control all aspects of their stay, from contactless check-in to digital key management. Allegion is also bringing its pipeline of digital locks to the partnership, such as the Schlage Encode Wi-Fi lock, which will be integrated into rental properties.

Connected security brand acquires IoT design company

Connected security brand Blackline has announced its acquisition of IoT design and engineering firm Swift Labs, in a deal that Blackline says will “accelerate its pace of innovation by expanding its product development capability “. The group plans to add Swift Lab’s range of monitoring products to its own portfolio of wearables, to bring a more robust suite of occupational safety products to the industrial workforce.

SPYR enters the smart home market

Tech company SPYR entered the smart home market through its acquisition of Applied Magix, a developer and reseller of products compatible with the Apple ecosystem. The group says the purchase signifies its shift to a “laser focus on smart home and smart car opportunities,” particularly in Apple-owned products. Continued expansion in the market is expected from the group, which says it will seek to expand its footprint in the areas of AI and smart technologies through future purchases.

Intel Acquires Israel Cloud Optimization Startup Granulate

Intel is set to buy and “rapidly scale” Granulate, an Israeli cloud optimization startup that uses artificial intelligence software to streamline cloud and data center operations. The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of 2022, when the Granulate team will be integrated into Intel’s Datacenter and AI business unit. According to Intel, the purchase will its cloud and data center customers “maximize compute workload performance and reduce infrastructure and cloud costs”.

Lumentum and Ambarella develop a new presence sensor design

Photonics manufacturer Lumentum and AI software company Ambarella have designed an occupancy sensor that combines state-of-the-art AI with privacy, developed for occupancy monitoring, intelligent space management and smart retail. Dubbed “Vision-D,” the new product combines Lumentum’s Flood Illuminator Module with Amarella’s AI Security Operations Center, which the groups say “addresses key building automation requirements and occupant monitoring systems, while being unobtrusive in terms of size and privacy.”

Sarcos acquires robotics company for $100 million

Robotic exoskeleton developer Sarcos has reached an agreement to buy Pittsburg-based RE2 Robots for $100 million. RE2’s portfolio of autonomous and teleoperated robots is currently used in industries such as aviation, construction and medicine. This portfolio is expected to be added to Sarco’s existing suite of Guardian robots, developed to mitigate injuries and accidents on construction sites.

Senet, partner of the Helium network for the expansion of the network

Cloud-based software provider Senet partners with Helium Network to expand roaming integration capabilities, aiming to simplify IoT technology deployments. Under this program, Senet’s partner solution providers can integrate and operate their IoT devices using Helium-enabled access points, delivering what companies say is the highest levels of reliability and responsiveness for large-scale IoT applications.

Security Company Acquires Autonomous Threat Hunting Group

Security analytics group Devo Technology has announced its acquisition of Kognos, an autonomous threat hunting company, to establish what Devo calls the “Autonomous Security Operations Center (SOC)”. Under the partnership, Devo will collect data from alert stories and feed it into Kognos’ AI engine to investigate potential attacks and automate the stages of the threat lifecycle – detection, triage, investigation and hunting – thus relieving the pressure on analysts and avoiding the increase in cases. analyst burnout.