iPulse unveils voice biometrics “as a service” via OneVault, R&D ID partnerships

iPulse Systems has announced the availability of a new voice biometrics “as a service” solution hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform.

The tool is called VoiceIQ.cloud and can be set up in minutes and is billed per transaction with no installation, licensing or implementation costs.

“As part of our membership in the Pivotal group of companies, our recent partnership with OneVault, South Africa’s leading voice biometrics provider, has allowed us to gain years of experience in a matter of months,” comments the CEO of Pulse Systems, Gary Chalmers.

Technically, VoiceIQ.cloud relies on IDVoice’s liveness and match detection algorithms provided by ID R&D, which the latter company recently updated to increase speed and accuracy.

“Our joint teams have leveraged all of their knowledge and experience with our incredibly powerful IQSuite.cloud orchestration layer and are using the ID R&D product to deliver an industry first solution that is expected to prove completely disruptive in this industry. , bringing the power of voice to anyone at an affordable price,” adds Chalmers.

The new features make the biometric service affordable, easy to implement and integrate into existing offerings through dedicated application programming interfaces (APIs), said Alexey Khitrov, CEO and co-founder of ID R&D.

“The partnership that began with OneVault has now materialized into an iPulse product, and we are extremely pleased to contribute to its success with the best precision that IDVoice is known for,” says Khitrov.

“We are excited about the possibilities of this unique solution and look forward to working together to make a big impact with VoiceIQ.cloud.”

Khitrov, alongside other experts, will discuss cutting-edge biometrics in a webinar hosted by Biometric Update tomorrow (November 15). Registration for the event is free and available here.

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