Italian produce trader Peviani set to explore partnerships at London Produce Show

Exporters from Italian fresh produce wholesaler Peviani will be one of many dynamic groups at this year’s London Produce Show and Conference from March 21-23, bringing their more than 100 years of experience and innovation to ExCel London.

The company, which acquired its first farms in southern Italy in the 1960s before transforming into a modern grower’s organization, has a strong track record in growing grapes, Brassica florets, watermelons without seeds and artichokes. Peviani stands out for its constant research and supply chain efforts in production, marketing and distribution, as well as its sustainable initiatives. They want to meet potential UK partners to discuss their products and ideas.

“Grapes are one of the most significant examples of our efforts in agricultural innovation,” said commercial director Andrea Peviani. “Observing the trends of the international market, a few years ago, we decided to specialize in different varieties of patented seedless grapes (Sunworld, SNFL, IFG). These items are now available almost 6 months/year. But innovation also means a commitment to people and the environment.

Beyond BRC, IFS and Global Gap, Peviani recently obtained the Smeta certificate as well as another important Italian certification, which relies on transparency throughout the chain, according to CEO Gino Peviani.

Peviani is also heavily invested in new systems that save water and fertilizers and the use of active ingredients that support biodiversity.

“Almost 90% of the products destined for our foreign markets come from our farms in Ginosa, Puglia,” said Saverio Fuccillo, export manager. “Over the past few years, we have built genuinely trusted partnerships with our large-scale customers in Northern Europe and are now ready to expand our network.”