Kiyamel Natural Products Opens Doors for Retail Partnerships

Photo courtesy of Kiyamel Natural Products

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Caring for sensitive skin can be difficult. Finding the right product is a challenge as the beauty and cosmetics industry is not always inclusive and often includes chemicals and additives. As a person with sensitive skin, you are bound to blindly try different options, which can be more damaging to your skin. This is one of the reasons that inspired Jocelyne Firmin to start manufacturing her own products and launch Kiyamel Natural Products.

Jocelyne’s skin is sensitive, so it is difficult for her to find the right product. Her baby also has sensitive skin and has suffered from eczema for a long time. The frustrations of trying different remedies without results drove Jocelyne to begin her journey.

Kiyamel Natural Products provides various skin and hair care products for adults and babies and is accredited by the National Eczema Association. Jocelyne’s quest to find a solution for herself and her baby has brought welcome relief to thousands of mums, and the numbers continue to rise.

This will help them reach more customers and share their eczema package with people in Millsboro, DE and beyond. According to Jocelyne, their goal as a company is to provide the world with better, safer and more effective products that can be used by people with sensitive skin, especially babies with eczema.

“As a mother, eczema is one of your worst nightmares. It makes babies fussy and causes the baby a lot of discomfort, and you need constant supervision to make sure your child doesn’t scratch it, because this can make the rash worse and make infection more likely.It’s even harder when you’re trying to find the right product to soothe baby’s eczema.You want to find the best remedy and help stop the pain the most. soon as possible, but you don’t know where to start. I went there and did all this before I decided to make my own products. Now I want to share Kiyamel products with all the mothers whose child suffers from eczema because I’m showing others with sensitive skin like me that clear, healthy, glowing skin is possible,” says Jocelyn.

Kiyamel natural products are plant-based, clinically tested and dermatologist approved. The products help soothe eczema in babies and adults, from mild to severe cases. The company also offers natural hair products. Kiyamel natural products are cruelty-free and contain no harmful ingredients.

As Kiyamel Natural Products continues to bring relief to mothers, Jocelyne says she aims to use her brand to change the way people view and treat eczema. Kiyamel Natural Products also creates a safe space for people with sensitive skin, and their expansion will help them achieve this goal. Kiyamel opened its first distribution center in Dagsboro, DE (32181 Dupont Blvd, Suite 10 Dagsboro, DE 19939) and added more staff. The company is poised for big business with retail stores in the coming months as they help people treat eczema.