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The Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS) and Chamber of Commerce Executives of Kansas (CCEKS). This partnership brings together approximately 35 other local chambers of commerce across Kansas to offer an association health plan called Chamber Blue of Kansas.

The Emporia Chamber and all chambers involved in this partnership realize and recognize that recruiting and retaining talent is vital for businesses and industry of all sizes, especially small businesses. Access to reliable health insurance benefits is a crucial element of this success. According to SBA statistics, small businesses make up more than 99.1% of all Kansas businesses, with a combined total of 605,147 small business employees in Kansas.

An association health plan is a type of group medical insurance for organizations that allows small businesses to access the health insurance savings associated with large group medical coverage. With this, small businesses, nonprofits, and organizations can band together to purchase insurance. This allows more people into the pool, which reduces risk across the pool and provides more health insurance options, potentially with much more competitive premiums.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of KS has the largest provider network in Kansas with 99% in-network physicians and 100% in-network hospitals. BCBSKS also provides a very robust set of healthcare solutions like their HealthyOptions program, which is a powerful set of services, tools, and one-on-one support for living a healthy life at no additional cost as a BCBSKS member.

Emporia Chamber President and CEO Jeanine McKenna announced that Emporia Chamber is joining with Kansas Chamber of Commerce executives and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas to form Chamber Blue of Kansas. This new association health plan is open to employers who have more than two W-2 employees and who are current and paying members of the Emporia Area Chamber of Commerce.

Companies that choose to participate in the Chamber Blue of Kansas health plan will benefit from a dedicated account management team located right here in Kansas to help them implement the health plan. The team will provide one-on-one support, training to HR staff, benefits assistance and employee education. A mandatory interest survey will be conducted in August 2022 and must be completed to secure a company’s participation in the plan. Pricing will be announced in September 2022 and enrollment will begin in October 2022, with coverage beginning in January 2023.

Business owners, nonprofits, and interested organizations are encouraged to contact the Emporia Area Chamber. The partnership will continue to organize information sessions and answer questions with the aim that all interested organizations have the opportunity to respond to this mandatory survey of interest in August 2022.

For more information on qualification criteria and more, visit https://www.bcbsks.com/chamberblueks or contact Emporia Chamber President and CEO Jeanine McKenna at 620-342-1600 or email him at [email protected]

It’s a beautiful day in Emporia!

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