LinkedIn Announces New Certification Course Partnerships with Meta, IBM, Oracle and More

LinkedIn has announced a new series of educational partnerships with IBM, Meta, Oracle and more that will provide official certifications and recognitions for skills that you can then display on your LinkedIn profile.

As LinkedIn explains:

Over the past few years, we have offered learners a variety of ways to prove their skills, including earning college credit toward a degree; continuing education units to maintain certain professional licenses; and certification preparation programs to demonstrate a high level of competence in a certain industry. Today, we’re expanding access to certifications even further by partnering with notable third-party vendors, including IBM, Meta, and Oracle, to help learners discover certification prep content directly from the source.

The process will essentially provide dedicated courses from these vendors within LinkedIn Learning, allowing for more specialized certifications facilitated by the companies themselves.

The courses offered are similar to those available in each company’s dedicated training tools, such as Meta’s “Blueprint” training platform. But now they’re integrated with LinkedIn’s own educational resources, allowing for more direct integration to showcase your knowledge of the professional social network.

Which has become a more important consideration in recent years. Indeed, LinkedIn says the number of members who have added certifications to their profile has increased by 44% over the past two years.

As more people look to change jobs and LinkedIn becomes a more central resource for providing career information, it’s more important than ever to make sure your LinkedIn profile reflects your experience and skills. skills, and these new certification courses will provide new direct evidence to underline your professional ability.

Additionally, they will also provide recruiters with another way to sort candidates based on their skills, which could become another important consideration for job seekers.

On top of that, LinkedIn says it will soon be facilitating even more ways to showcase your skills in your LinkedIn profile.

Our recent acquisition of EduBrite, a platform specializing in creating and hosting professional certifications and assessments, further expands our product offering to better meet the needs of trusted, industry-leading certification providers. By integrating their rigorous certification assessment engine into LinkedIn Learning, more certification providers will be able to promote, create and extend the reach of their content. And our members will have the opportunity to develop even more in-demand skills and demonstrate their competence to their network and to recruiters.

In other words, you’ll soon have even more options for taking certification courses within LinkedIn Learning, allowing you to add these items to your professional profile, which could improve your future prospects.

It’s a handy and potentially valuable integration. Again, most of these certifications are already available, but having them in one central location will help better facilitate extended learning, while also making LinkedIn a more essential platform for showcasing your skills.

And as more recruiters turn to LinkedIn for such insights, more options can only be a good thing.

You can view LinkedIn’s latest certification courses here.