Major tech event in Ethiopia opened doors for customers and partnerships

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A good tech event can open doors and create life-changing business relationships for a tech startup. The trick is to be prepared, know how to pitch, how to price and then, of course, pay for the booth. For some small start-ups, this may simply be out of reach.

The International Trade Center’s NTF V Ethiopia Tech project aims to provide some promising companies with the assistance they need to attend such type of critical events, win new leads, attract partners and investors and help their business. to develop for export.

Bereket Tadesse, CEO and Founder of IT solutions company BEKI Square and #asbeza, an online grocery delivery company based on web and mobile application platforms, said the recent Africa Tech Expo 2022 in Ethiopia at which he participated thanks to NTF V Tech opened the doors to new business relationships.

“Participating in these kinds of events is very important. It acts as a springboard to sell our brand and imprint our name and what we can do,” Tadesse said.

The expo held in Addis Ababa from September 7-9 was designed to create opportunities to develop relationships with key decision makers in global technology. It showcased some of the latest disruptive technologies and innovators in Africa, and attracted an array of African entrepreneurs and global companies.

“It was very encouraging for us. We found potential partners such as bank managers and payment solutions investors,” Tadesse said. “We actually partnered with a payment solutions company that was also there to exhibit. This will allow us to grow our business. »

“We are already working on configuring their API with our applications and are about to test the payment gateway. Through this partnership, we can support customers outside of Ethiopia who want to buy groceries for their families in the country,” Tadesse said.

The Expo kicked off with the official launch of the NTF V program in Ethiopia, and included panel discussions by business leaders and thought leaders on start-up ecosystems, telecommunications and fintech.

Create a pan-African e-commerce

NTF V also sponsored five companies to have a booth at the event. Prior to the exhibition, they received targeted business diagnostics as well as training on how to exhibit, pitch to investors, value products and services, and calculate prices.

Trade Ethiopia, an online B2B marketplace connecting businesses, was one such venture.

“It was really helpful, we were really prepared,” said Bernabas Kidane, CEO of Trade Ethiopia. “Our stand was one of the busiest. We have been successful in partnering with a company based in Dubai, as well as recruiting new members and enrolling a number of people interested in the training we offer. »

Kidane sees his future not only in the dynamic world of global trade, but also within the African Continental Free Trade Area which encompasses large parts of the continent.

“I saw a gap. There was no cross-border e-commerce platform linking African countries with each other, so we created it. Now we go to scale. We have established a new brand name in Dubai, Africa Trade Gate,” Kidane said. He has also partnered with African Business Magazine, which focuses on connecting Africa to the Middle East market.

The Africa Tech Expo granted Kidane the kind of business exposure that can lead to success, and he advised other start-ups to focus on how to take advantage of these opportunities.

“First, they have to start with a problem, measure the intensity of the problem, and then figure out how to fix it, how to close that gap. Then they really need to join an organization like ITC that offers lots of free online business training, so they can learn from there. Then attend events,” Kidane said.

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