MediGO Expands Partnerships with Nation’s Organ Recovery

BALTIMORE, July 20 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MediGO, a first-of-its-kind healthcare supply chain technology company, is rapidly expanding its partnerships with organ procurement organizations nationwide to save more lives through the donation and transplantation. MediGO today announces that four more OPOs have signed on to use the company’s innovative supply chain technology to improve the transplant process.

The growing list of MediGO partner OPOs now includes the Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network, which serves Illinois and Northwest Indiana, OPO for North, Southeast and West Texas; Live On Nebraska and the Louisiana Organ Procurement LifeGift Agency, in addition to its existing partnerships.

“We worked closely with OPOs to design a solution that better manages resources, reduces barriers to transplantation, and lowers costs,” said Dr. Joseph Scalea, transplant surgeon and co-founder of MediGO. “Most importantly, the transparency that comes from knowing where an organ is at all times gives recipients the best chance of a successful transplant and ultimately saves more lives.”

MediGO’s technology provides real-time tracking and critical data collection throughout the transplant process to predict an accurate time of arrival at a hospital or transplant center. This helps ensure that no matter how far an organ has traveled, OPOs and their transplant center partners can monitor the time-sensitive journey at all times, allowing them to better manage resources and improve transplant results.

“Knowing where an organ is, how fast it is moving and when it is expected to arrive is extremely important to the work we do every day to save and heal lives,” said Adam Keaton, organ recovery manager. at LOPA. “When a transplant center gets this real-time information, it streamlines communications and allows them to focus on caring for their patient, the recipient of that organ.”

Critical information, simultaneously available to all stakeholders through the MediGO app, includes GPS tracking, traffic and weather updates, best and alternative travel routes, flight delays and cancellations, and other data collected along the route.

“Our team is deeply committed to our mission to save and improve lives through donation and transplantation, while honoring the legacy and generosity of donor heroes and their families,” said Kyle Herber, President and CEO of Live on Nebraska. “MediGO’s technological advancements will help us accomplish this mission and bring hope to hundreds of Nebraskans who are currently awaiting lifesaving organ transplants.”

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About MediGO
MediGO is the first healthcare supply chain technology company of its kind. Recognized by the Edison Awards and fast business for its disruptive technology, its cloud-based ScoutlineMT enables real-time management of urgent medical resources over a centralized communication channel. Powered by proprietary algorithms and machine learning, MediGO delivers the most actionable data in the donation and transplantation industry. With new supply chain transparency, care teams can proactively unify stakeholders, coordinate resources, and minimize waste — to build trust and save more lives. For more information about MediGO, a JSP Ventures company, visit

Media Contact: Janet Kaplan, MediGO Marketing Director, 240.505.5151, [email protected]