MICA and Ahmedabad faculty set to forge partnerships with UK universities

Ahmedabad: The faculty of MICA, Ahmedabad will soon embark on a 10-day international immersion in the UK and form academic partnerships with UK universities.

The faculty’s international immersion program aims to strengthen MICA’s engagement globally and explore opportunities for building academic partnerships, research collaborations, and student exchanges in various fields with universities. and institutes in the UK.

Dr. Shailendra Raj Mehta, President and Director of MICA, said: “Interpersonal academic contact is the goal of international immersion at MICA. The faculty abroad program is designed to facilitate learning, engagement, and partnerships with leading institutions resulting in collaborative research.

The faculty’s international immersion program, scheduled for September 18-28, 2022, will take place after three years due to the pandemic lockdown. Previously, immersion took place in China and the USA.

Professor Shubhra Gaur and Professor Suresh Malodia, Co-Chairs of International Immersion at MICA, said, “We will also be hosting a MICA alumni reunion in London since we have over 50 MICA alumni in global companies leading companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, PwC, McKinsey, Infosys among many others. Student immersion will take place in 2023, they added.

During the first days of the program, faculty will visit the University of Southampton, network with faculty and discuss various areas of research. There will be discussions around data science, analytics and anxiety, digital sociology, community studies and consumer psychology, metaverse, diversity, equity and inclusiveness, marketing, cross-cultural citizenship, identity and social impact, startups, unicorns and new-age business ventures, to name a few. The faculty will network and collaborate independently with institutions and organizations the following week.