Michael Polmar, CGO of B&A, stresses the importance of close public-private partnerships in government innovation

Bart & Associates‘ Director of Growth, Michael Polmar, recently sat down with the Potomac Officers Club to discuss the pillars of his executive leadership style, the challenges of staying ahead of rapid technological advancements, and the changes he would embrace in the GovCon landscape to better facilitate innovation. Polmar joined B&A in April 2022 after serving as CEO of PCI Technology Services.

In this sound clip Interview with the leadersB&A’s Michael Polmar shared the importance of close collaboration in the federal government’s modernization and innovation efforts:

“One of the main challenges in injecting innovation into any endeavor from a business perspective is determining the value of that innovation to the customer. It is critical that industry understand the value that US government decision makers place on specific innovations. This is not always apparent in the procurement process, nor throughout the contract lifecycle. There are often disconnects, making it more difficult for the government client to take full advantage of the innovations offered by the industry. Consistent and detailed communications between government decision makers and industry, especially new market entrants, will help ensure industry fully understands where customers want innovation and how they value it.

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