New partnerships and acquisitions developing opportunities for the commercialization of high-value botanicals: One Step Vending, Corp. (stock symbol: KOSK)

  • Plans to tap into the $113.7 billion agricultural sector.
  • JV and new business ventures for the commercialization of botanical wellness products.
  • Business acquisition agreements opening new opportunities for the sale of products.
  • Revenue sharing partnership agreement with ZA group established.
  • Vertical farming projects underway with harvests planned for 2022.

One Step Vending, Corp. (OTC: KOSK) is a holding company focused on acquiring disruptive and market disruptive business models, with a focus on product marketing and distribution as well as the self-service vending machine market. Currently, KOSK owns 51% of E-Roots Systems (Abbotford), Ltd. markets and distributes products from vertically integrated farms purchased from E-Roots Systems, Inc., and has 10 vending machines designed to offer CBD and potentially related botanical extracts.

KOSK entered into a JV acquisition agreement with Foundation Farms, Corp. (“FFC”) and acquired 51% of E-Roots (Abbotsford), Ltd. (“ERA”). this allows KOSK to tap into the $113.7 billion agricultural sector. Thanks to the JV and the acquisition, KOSK will be able to explore many opportunities for its activity in the sale of vending machines.

Foundations Farms 2021, Corp. focuses on creating global farming systems that produce organic fruits, vegetables and herbs while maximizing their nutrient content, ensuring product traceability and, most importantly, maintaining environmental sustainability through its partnerships of modular vertical truss joint venture.

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E-Roots (Abbotford), Ltd. markets and distributes the green product itself containing a growth module.

March 24eit was announced that KOSK placed its second vertical farming order with partner company ZA Group (ZAAG) just days after the first. This order was to be delivered during the month of July 2022 and the yield harvest in the early fall of 2022, with the first order being dry for the yield harvest during the summer of 2022.

ZA Group, Inc. is an emerging industry acquisition company with a focus on direct-to-consumer apparel and self-sufficient farm manufacturing. Its goal is to take its brands to the next level, whether to own, license or manage. Currently, ZA Group, Inc. owns 60% of E-Roots Manufacturing, Inc., to manufacture stand-alone vertically integrated farms, and NFID as a wholly-owned subsidiary, an online retail outlet offering apparel.

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After the first KOSK vertical truss control, a modular truss through strategic partner E-Roots Manufacturing, Inc. KOSK executed its second vertical farm shortly after acquiring 51% of LLF through a joint venture.

The joint venture has agreed that LLF manages day-to-day operations on the jointly purchased vertical farms while KOSK markets and distributes the harvested products. Both LLF and KOSKwill pay out 50/50 split revenue from all vertical farms built, purchased and co-owned.

The KOSK it is estimated that the second farm, a warehouse farm and the first joint farm with LLF, will have its first harvest in early fall 2022. With nearly twice as many towers as a modular farm, a warehouse farm is expected bring in about $522,068 per year; a considerable increase in revenue over the standard mod battery generating around $261,034. The additional truss will position KOSKthrough the company’s 51% acquisition of E-Roots Systems (Abbotsford), Ltd., to receive its share of revenue split 50/50 from the $783,101 expected annually.

Light Leaf Farms, Corp. is the beginning of a family farm focused on providing fresh produce to the community. Founded by the second generation of poultry farmers supplying Fieldale Farms.

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