New partnerships team confirmed at Roblox

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By Chris Cooke | Posted on Monday, July 11, 2022

Roblox has officially confirmed that Karibi Dagogo-Jack is now the company’s Head of Music Partnerships. The confirmation came as the gaming platform unveiled a revamped partnerships team, which includes other executives focused on TV, film, sports, fashion and beauty partnerships.

Dagogo-Jack – who, according to his LinkedIn profile, actually joined Roblox late last year – essentially succeeds Jon Vlassopulos, who was the company’s global head of music until his departure in April. . Prior to joining the gaming platform, Dagogo-Jack was head of music business development at Spotify, and before that he worked at both Warner Music and Universal Music.

Elsewhere on the partnerships team, Roblox’s new head of entertainment partnerships is Todd Lichten, who joins from Meta, and will be responsible for forging partnerships across film, television, and digital content. The rest of the partnerships team is made up of Winnie Burke as Head of Fashion and Beauty Partnerships, Hayden Walling as Head of Sports Partnerships and Arvind Jayaram as Head of Account Management, Partnerships.

They report to VP of Global Partnerships Christina Wootton, who says, “We’ve seen great success with top brands coming to the Roblox platform, and our partnering work continues to accelerate as we grow. ‘they are experimenting with new formats, launching persistent social spaces, discovering new revenue streams and pushing the boundaries of creativity’.

“Growth in the number of persistent experiences especially means long-term engagement,” she continues, “and shows that brands see our platform as the next-generation immersive social place for ongoing community engagement over a place for occasional activations”.

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