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Covid-related hospitalizations continue to rise and the daily number of community cases has also rebounded slightly.

There are now 696 people in hospital with Covid-19, an increase from 618 yesterday. There are now 13 people in intensive care, an increase of three from yesterday.

“Although still at the beginning of the omicron epidemic, the figures show that, based on the available data, unvaccinated people are four times overrepresented in current hospitalization data,” the Ministry of Health said. Health. “Only 3% of eligible people aged 12 and over in New Zealand have not received any vaccine doses, however, among eligible people in Northland and Auckland hospitals with Covid-19, 13% have not received any vaccine doses. received no vaccine dose.”

Case count rebounds after two daily declines

Meanwhile, there are still 17,522 new community cases today – an increase after two days of consecutive declines, but still below last week’s peak of more than 22,000.

“Caution should be taken when interpreting the daily reported cases, which are expected to continue to fluctuate,” the ministry said. “This means that the seven-day moving average of cases gives a more reliable indicator of testing trends. The seven-day moving average of cases is 17,921 today, down from 17,272 yesterday.

After fears that people would not upload their rapid antigen test results, the ministry again reminded people of the importance of doing so. “The self-reporting of RATs helps provide a clearer picture of the progress of the pandemic,” the ministry said. “It is essential that we have as much information as possible to inform public health decision-making.”

Yesterday Covid Response Minister Chris Hipkins suggested the true daily number Covid infections could be closer to 100,000.

Among today’s cases, two have been confirmed on the Chatham Islands – the first confirmed cases on remote islands since the pandemic. “Both cases are already isolated and taken care of on the islands,” the ministry said. “Canterbury DHB, which runs health services on the islands, is distributing RATs to all households early this week, as a precaution to allow early detection of positive cases.”

The daily number of booster doses appears to be slowing, with just 5,697 boosters distributed yesterday. A total of 2,460,908 booster doses were administered.

Finally, the ministry asked people to prepare if they had to self-isolate with Covid-19. “Make sure you have an appropriate amount of supplies before there is a case of Covid-19 in your household. Also, arrange with friends, whānau or neighbors to make deposits without food and supply contact as needed and/or discuss your medication needs with your local pharmacist in advance.

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