Nomad Foods Expands Sustainable Fish Sourcing with New Partnerships | New

Birds Eye owner Nomad Foods has signed new contracts to secure and increase the supply of Aquaculture Stewardship Council certified farmed pangasius from 2023.

The frozen food giant said the contracts mark an important step in its goal to source 100% fish and seafood from sustainable fishing or responsible farming by 2025. It is already the Marine Stewardship Council’s largest global fish and seafood buyer, having worked with the organization for over 25 years.

Expanding its partnership with ASC-certified fisheries – Vinh Hoan, VDTG and Godaco Seafood – would allow the company to expand the range of sustainably sourced fish species used in its products, Nomad said.

Birds Eye added that as part of the partnership, it “aims to bring basa to market in 2023 and is currently in discussions with UK retailers about what it looks like”.

“We are making progress in a number of partnerships aimed at developing and scaling emerging food technologies, in areas such as cell-cultured fish and alternative proteins such as molluscs, to support broader efforts to to preserve the long-term availability of quality, affordable and tasty products. seafood that is healthy for people and sustainable for the planet,” said Stefan Descheemaeker, CEO of Nomad Foods.

Descheemaeker added that he plans to support growing consumer demand for seafood due to population growth.

“We are truly excited about Nomad Foods’ increased commitment to supporting sustainable aquaculture practices by incorporating more ASC-certified farmed fish into their product line,” said ASC CEO Chris Ninnes.

“This is an important sign that environmentally sustainable and socially responsible production are key requirements for the aquaculture industry. We look forward to working more closely in the future.