Noodle appoints Dr. David Ramadan as new Vice President, University Partnerships

“We are confident that David will use his acumen to cultivate relationships and his experience in higher education, politics and business, to help us grow our academic portfolio, which now includes 26 of the country’s leading universities,” said Lee BradshawChief Strategy Officer of Noodle.

“I am delighted to join the Noodle team and, in particular, to work with the EdTech pioneer John Katzmanthat I got to know during my doctoral studies at Vanderbilt“, Ramadan said. “Noodle is truly a unique offering in the OPM space – more transparent, more flexible, more collaborative – and a perfect fit with my passion for innovation in higher education.”

In addition to his role as adjunct professor, Ramadan was a member of the George Mason University Board of Visitors, appointed by the Governor of Virginia. Since 2001, Ramadan has also run a boutique consulting firm offering customized solutions to a small number of clients.

Additionally, Ramadan was elected and served two terms in the Virginia House of Delegates, where he successfully worked the aisle. In this capacity, he was a member of the oldest and newest committees: Privileges and Elections, where he chaired the Constitutional Amendments Subcommittee, the Science and Technology Committee, and the General Laws Committee.

Ramadan migrated to United States of Lebanon in 1989 after attending International college in Beirut. He graduated from George Mason University with a bachelor’s degree in government and politics and a master’s degree in commerce and international transactions. Ramadan completed his higher education at Oxford Universitythe American Graduate School of Business of Geneva, Johns Hopkins Universityand Georgetown University. David holds an Ed.D. in leadership and learning in organizations of the Peabody College from education to Vanderbilt University.

About noodle:

Noodle is a Certified B Corp that builds great online, agile programs that enhance campus-wide teaching and technology. Since January 2019, Noodle has launched as many online programs with elite American universities as all of its competitors combined. Its network of universities, higher education leaders, suppliers and students fuels innovation and efficiency in learning design, marketing, recruitment, technology, student support and teachers and clinical placement. Follow Noodle on LinkedIn, TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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