OUR TAKE: Partnerships show what can be done | Editorial

The past two Fridays have been good for McLean County’s sweet tooth — and good for business.

On February 11, “Uptown Covered in Chocolate” was hosted by various businesses in the town of Normal.

A week later, downtown Bloomington hosted the “Chocolate Tour,” which also offered samples and other treats.

Both featured small businesses and drew crowds to support these vital drivers of the local economy.

Importantly, the cocoa-themed events took place on different Fridays, rather than on the same day.

This is an important distinction.

For too long, it was thought that downtown and downtown were in competition, and that rival shops, restaurants and other businesses were vying for the same piece of the pie.

The reality is that people can go and go in both – and enjoy both downtown and downtown.

Our community is fortunate to have two central business districts full of charm, history and commerce. Both offer retail and amenities that other municipalities might envy.

As with many things in Bloomington-Normal, more partnerships are needed between these two interests, where there are strong opportunities for growth.

Both have so much to offer.

The last two Fridays show what can be accomplished.