Partnerships are key to preparing all students for success

One of the three core values ​​we have embraced in Dublin City Schools is ‘Better Together’. Our core values ​​are at the heart of what we do. They guide how we behave, react to events, and set the standard for how we want to treat each other.

Our success depends on continued collaboration with the wider Dublin City Schools community, including families, staff, residents and local businesses. As we enter the season of gratitude, it is important to take the time to recognize and celebrate the many groups with which we regularly engage and collaborate, in order to make our community truly elite.

Within Dublin City Schools, I have the privilege of leading six Community Councils which meet regularly throughout the school year. Each council serves as a sounding board not only to hear updates on our latest initiatives, accomplishments and aspirations, but also to inform our practices.

We listen with openness and a spirit of growth to their ideas and suggestions, we seek partnerships in collaborative opportunities and we learn from their diverse perspectives.

Our teacher and student advisory councils provide the classroom context and user experience to the overall decisions we make at the district level. It is essential not only to visit classrooms, but also to set aside time for group discussions in a trust-based environment.

Going directly to our experts from the classroom provides unique insight into the application of policies and protocols, highlighting areas of opportunity. Students in grades 9-12 from all three high schools and Emerald Campus are sharing honest feedback to help us create options to support all learners.

Our district is fortunate to have councils of PTO leadership, key communicators and seniors who perform the important function of bringing matters of current community interest to my attention. Participants on these teams are advocates for public education and strive to share accurate information with neighbors, families and friends.

They provide a two-way direct line of communication with our residents and we appreciate their dedication to our schools.

The Business Advisory Council (BAC) Dublin attends a meeting of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

Following the guidance of the Ohio Department of Education, our district leadership is supported by a Business Advisory Board (BAC). This group of Dublin business owners, employees and parents provides information and advice on labor issues, job skills and opportunities for students.

This ensures that the work of educators aligns with business needs. These experts make us aware of the local job market, promote professional experiences within companies and help students prepare for employment opportunities.

In addition to the Dublin City Schools Internal Boards, I, along with members of our District Leadership Team, sit actively on several Dublin Boards and External Boards. These organizations meet the needs of our learning community in unique and impactful ways. We are grateful for the support they provide to our families and we are happy to be able to contribute.

Dublin Bridges, the Dublin Food Pantry, One Dublin and the Dublin Community Foundation are some of the non-profit organizations we work closely with and serve. They work tirelessly to connect families with the resources and essential items they need to survive when times are tough and obstacles arise.

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Parents and Educators Raising our Community (PERC) and Adolescents and Community Together (ACT) are groups that present research-based community programs for parents. The Dublin Education Foundation directly funds classroom innovations to spread best practice in our district.

Working with the Dublin Chamber of Commerce and Visit Dublin involves multi-faceted collaborations with lasting positive outcomes for students.

The examples I’ve shared are by no means a complete list, but we are extremely grateful to them and the many other partnerships we enjoy.

Additionally, I would like to warmly invite any member of the community who would like to connect with our District to join me for our next Community Conversation at Emerald Campus on November 22. We are better together!

John Marschhausen is the Superintendent of Schools for Dublin City.