Partnerships that put brands at the forefront of the world


Partnerships that put brands at the forefront of the world

Have you ever taken on a project and found it did not meet the expected standards? Have you ever been unable to pursue one due to financial constraints? Have you ever been helped to achieve the project objective? It takes one to make hope truly possible.

Sponsorship is best described as an activity that aims to enhance credibility, positive brand and audience image, improved customer experience and broader demographic reach by receiving resources to support their cause and returning a favor rooted in marketing and communications such as providing beverages, brand name and logo during the event.

An asset and a brand joining for an important role and a common good beyond marketing and communications such as locally, a mobile service provider agreeing to work with a government or non-governmental agency to provide food to people in the hunger-stricken northern Kenya become a Partnership.

Thus, sponsors gain visibility by sharing their human side.

Managing sponsors and partners leads to successful resource mobilization. Individuals and companies, whether philanthropic or governmental, are integrated to raise funds to help dreamers achieve their project goals.

Partnership management provides an established lasting continuity to the cause and purpose of sponsorship among the stakeholders of an event or program demonstrated by proper planning and execution.

A range of programs and events, including the President’s Award by the Kenya Golf Union and Experience Kilifi Empower Kilifi by the Imarika Foundation to Empower Vulnerable Kilifi, are seeking sponsorships and collaborations while we wait to see what fate has in store for them.

As the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, hosted the third Continental Tour Gold meeting of the season, it was a momentous occasion for some local names including Africa’s fastest man and second in the world with a personal best of 9, 77 seconds – Ferdinand Omanyala. He proved to the world why local and international brands that have pulled out of sponsorship and partnership deals should think twice.

President Uhuru Kenyatta graced the Kip Keino Classic on May 7, topping the list of events in the country for the weekend.

NCBA Bank has partnered with other education philanthropists, institutions and initiatives namely M-Pesa Foundation Academy, EduMed Trust, Palmhouse Foundation, SOS Children’s Villages Kenya, Dr Choksey Albinism Foundation and Daraja Kenya Initiative which offer opportunities to bright and talented students from families who are financially challenged.

As the world prepares for another jaw-dropping FIFA World Cup 2022 tournament, a lot is happening behind the scenes to mark this momentous event.

Promising expertise and professionalism in enabling achievement of sponsorship, partnership management and fundraising to achieve the cause continue to take its cause both locally and globally.

When mobilizing resources, there should be informed expertise and knowledge, especially on how to write tailor-made proposals to solicit funds.