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Backed and Developed by the Founders of SportCaller, New Race Syndication Platform Features Next-Generation Features and Streamlined Administration and Communications from a Responsive Digital Hub

Stride, the next-generation horse racing platform that truly democratizes flat racehorse syndication and deepens the ownership experience, has been launched to bring new levels of value and engagement to key stakeholders who represent the soul of the sport.

Stride plans to become the premier racing communications platform that centralizes and optimizes communications between syndicate owners and their respective horses, trainers, stable support staff, jockeys and racetracks. Its purpose is to support, enlighten and enrich the experience of owning a thoroughbred on the way from the purchase ring to the winner’s paddock.

The Stride team brings together a host of familiar faces and heavyweights from across sports, racing, betting and fan engagement technology for a clearer view of fractional ownership that delivers increased engagement in context of a progressively homogenized digital management landscape for horse racing.

Cillian Barry and Eugene Cosgrove, founders of SportCaller – the market leader in free-to-play sports games whose customers and games were focused on horse racing – take the reins as president and chief product officer respectively, while the veteran COO Donal Browne has been recruited to manage the day-to-day business operations of a business whose horses will initially be placed with Group 1 winning trainer Joseph O’Brien, whose talented chain is housed in the picturesque town of Piltown, in County Kilkenny, Ireland.

However, the CEO and main driving force behind Stride is former Munster and Leicester rugby star Johne Murphy, who has proven his equine and union management skills in recent years with the formation of Rugby & Racing and Thoroughbred Racing Syndicates , the latter also attached to the O’Brien yard, whose successful track record of buying and selling equine talent and operating a primed blood market has created a dream base on which to build the next brand. Stride lighthouse.

As a telling example, the company has sold five of six horses purchased to race on the flat in 2021 for nearly seven figures, providing backers with a 27% return on investment. Stride is also part of the Techstars Sports Accelerator, a global network that helps businesses achieve long-term success. Founded in 2006, Techstars has now invested in over 3,000 companies and today has a market capitalization of $75 billion.

Murphy continues in his multi-faceted role, also acting as a spokesperson for Stride and a passionate helm for Thoroughbred and union recruiting.

Murphy commented: “Stride is more than a responsive platform for buying and selling elite racehorse stocks. It’s also a way for racing to reconnect, engage and retain its most vital stakeholders: passionate owners who support the sport through good times and bad. Our fractional ownership model easily articulates the merits versus micro-ownership and its associated caveats, and also allows our members to choose a portfolio of racehorses that increases the fun and mitigates the downside in tough economic times in the most sectors. Investors can now source, buy, manage and monitor their stable of syndicated thoroughbreds at a fraction of the expense of traditional ownership, with no hidden costs or paybacks. The price you pay for your part in the syndicate is the only compensation you will ever be asked for.

“But our unique Stride platform and its underlying technology is also here to help owners experience the one-click racehorse ownership experience, wherever their busy lives take them on the map. It can mean anything you’d expect in the simple joys of sharing the risk with friends and enjoying the thrills and spills of racing; what you couldn’t in the form of enhanced stable engagement tools or regular reassessments for profitable resell opportunities. No one has a better eye for acquiring and nurturing top talent than Joseph, so we can’t wait to see how our first union fare in the upcoming 2023 season.

“Stable visits and racecourse privileges are up to par with the course, alongside clubbable craic with your family, friends and members. But it’s a long time between glasses in the race! And in owning a racehorse there should be so much more to enjoy, evaluate and learn from experience and analysis. Stride is the fluctuating wallet you won’t want to put down – and the one your friends and colleagues really want to hear about!”

Cillian Barry, Stride President, added: “Having seen what Johne and Joseph have achieved with their first round of syndicates, it is a pleasure to combine their passion and horse acumen for Stride with our own technical know-how around proprietary technology platforms and of improved engagement. Eugene and I are already enjoying reuniting with our first shared love of racing – remember, SportCaller was originally called RaceCaller!

“Stride’s next-generation information and experience platform already includes an array of management, administration, and engagement features whose quality and variety sets it apart from rivals that have so far benefited from a niche industry that has been slow to embrace transformative technology and the latest social engagement techniques.We naturally aim to build on this over the next 12 months, fostering a premier intuitive digital hub , whose range of audio-visual, editorial and data outputs will bring members closer to the action than ever.Whether your horse is battling for a high-octane finish on the track or enjoying a roll of well deserved hay with the stable cat, we will capture and communicate it all.

Stride’s unique operating model:

Stride buys unreleased yearlings and two-year-old horses to ride in a price range of €25,000 to €150,000. This means Stride Horses covers all maiden options in Ireland, facilitating multiple riders and supporting racecourse engagements throughout the season, and granting syndicate members multiple outlets throughout the year. Stride typically sells stock in syndicates of 2 to 6 horses. These syndicates are made up of horses in the aforementioned price range. The intention is to sell within 12 months of purchase and proceeds returned to the owners. Although there are no set amounts for syndicate investment, a 5% syndicate investment would typically range between €5,000 and €50,000. The price you pay for your part in the union is the only dues the members pay.

Stride Platform features and tools include, but are not limited to:

  • Website, social media feeds and centralized communications on mobile apps (coming soon to the App Store)
  • Syndicate management and updates (direct from the coach and working riders)
  • Yard tours and live stable cams
  • Profile parts (from top trainers and jockeys to key stable personnel)
  • Videos of gallops
  • Racetrack training
  • Equine interest videos (your horse, its upbringing, its stable mates, unboxing their unique traits and idiosyncrasies)
  • Equine well-being (monitoring and ensuring the well-being of your horse)
  • Easy-to-access group chat interaction and networking with other syndicate members
  • Race overview and reviews
  • Rankings, timings, form and results
  • Advance registration, declarations and race form criteria
  • Betting data and odds to the second
  • Low latency race day live streaming
  • Breeding prospects / resale opportunities