Purina Celebrates Winner’s Circle Awards for Partnering for Success

Animal nutrition brand Purina hosted a Winner’s Circle awards night on August 4 at the Acacia Hotel in Alabang. The gathering served as the first face-to-face engagement of approximately 50 of Purina’s top partners and suppliers across the country, where they were duly recognized for their outstanding performance over the past year.

“The pandemic and ASF (African Swine Fever) were truly game changers, but thanks to the partnership and growth spirit of our distributors, we navigated a tough and successful market,” said Mr. Fernando Torres, commercial director of Purina Retail. “The Winner’s Circle is an annual recognition program for distributors to celebrate their success and their partnership with Purina. The challenges of fiscal year 2022 have made the awards a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of us.

With the theme “A Celebration of Excellence”, Winner’s Circle rolled out the red carpet for its top distributors who embraced a growth mindset to achieve exceptional results in a challenging year.

10 Distributors Received FY 2022 Goal Hitters Awards – Davao United Montgomery Ent.Corp. (DUMEC), Pacifica Agrivet, LB Poultry Supply, Rich Earth, AJX Agri Trading, People’s Choice Agrivet Supply, Cupid’s Trading, Elite Enterprises, J. Lanzar Trading and GNCN Feeds Supply.

Four distributors received top regional awards – GNCN Feeds Supply, Luzon Regional Champion; Pacifica Agrivet, Visayas Regional Champion; People’s Choice Agrivet Supply, Mindanao Regional Champion, and J. Lanzar, Aqua Segment Champion.

DUMEC, People’s Choice Agrivet Supply, GNCN Feeds Supply, Elite Enterprises and AJX Agri Trading received the Motivational South Korea Trip Award.

Special awards were presented to promising distributors – S&P Enterprises, Rookie of the Year; Rich Earth, special price Aqua Prime; JT Agri Supply, Luzon Volume Champ and GreenLine Agrivet Supplies, VisMin Volume Champ.

The coveted Dealer of the Year Award went to DUMEC.

Mr. Fernando Torres, Cargill’s Commercial Director for Retail, explained how the company weathered the pandemic and supported its partners and distributors.

Recognize successful partnerships

Nelson Pua, owner of Davao United Montgomery Enterprises Corp (DUMEC), shared how its partnership with Cargill has grown over the years.

“A good friend opened the door to partner with Cargill in 2012, it’s been 10 years now. We started very small at that time and we are growing in every way. When we started distributing Purina foods, the volume has since jumped,” recalls Mr. Pua. “It’s the first time Purina has been celebrated, and it’s really flattering. We are very grateful that they recognized our hard work and the team who work very hard despite the challenges of the industry and the pandemic.

Navigating a difficult year

The retail industry, which included retailers of animal and agricultural supplies like those distributed by Purina, has been hit hard by the pandemic and ASF. Retail relies on groundwork; without it, you will not be recognized. The use of technology allowed business communication to continue; however, face-to-face interaction has proven irreplaceable.

Purina organizing the Winner’s Circle program allowed distributors to relax after a year of hard work. This event allowed the Purina team to connect with their distributors in person to celebrate and create new partnerships and synergies to drive the business forward.

Setting the Stage for Retail Growth

According to Mr. Torres, Purina in the Philippines has laid the foundation for retail growth in support of its partners and distributors. With its Socio-Connect, Purina maintains 10-15 Agrivet stores and supports them with programs depending on their territory. There is also a Purina Day event, an activity to promote and sell Purina products and sampling activities. Finally, Market Development Representatives (MDRs) have been successfully deployed to introduce Purina products to feeders and conduct trials. It was successfully launched in 2021 and ready to evolve in 2022.

“All of the winners and top performers of this fiscal year know that without their help and collaboration, we would not have been successful. We are all doing our part, providing full support to our business partners,” added Mr. Torres “At the Purina team, the last year has been a very difficult time, but I want to thank you for your tireless efforts and your determination despite the challenges. Congratulations, the team, for still doing great well this fiscal year! We will continue the sustainable growth momentum of the Purina business.”

Cargill, a trusted distributor of Purina animal health products in the Philippines, intends to continue these recognition events in line with its goal to help Filipinos blossom. Every day, we connect farmers to markets, customers to ingredients, to innovate with purpose and empower partners and local communities. Our businesses in the Philippines cover animal nutrition and health, poultry products, grains and oils, as well as food and bio-industrial ingredients.