Rigetti declares new partnerships and proposes business

Ahead of its previously scheduled inaugural Investor Day, Rigetti Computing, Inc. (“Rigetti” or the “Company”), a pioneer in hybrid quantum-classical computing, will discuss business developments, including information regarding its collaborations, l Fab-1 facility and the status of its technical roadmap.

Additionally, we are delighted to announce a number of significant agreements,” added Rigetti. “The development of new modular dilution refrigerators in collaboration with Bluefors is one of them. These will enable our envisioned 336Q, 1000+ qubit and 4000+ qubit quantum processing units. The public preview of our 80Q Aspen-M-2 and 40Q Aspen-11 systems on Microsoft’s Azure Quantum was revealed earlier this week. The world’s two largest public cloud platforms now provide Rigetti quantum computers. »

According to Chad Rigetti, the company’s founder and CEO, “Rigetti is focused on delivering performance at scale with the goal of becoming the industry standard.” We invest strategically in quantum hardware, software and relationships because we believe it will help us get closer to a quantum advantage.

In the coming months, Rigetti plans to introduce Keysight’s True-Q error mitigation software, which will be integrated with Rigetti QCS. It will be the first external software that Rigetti has directly integrated with the QCS platform, which should improve the company’s collaboration strategy and accelerate the transition to quantum advantage.

Rigetti and NVIDIA are starting a new partnership to create a hybrid GPU-QPU workflow for applications involving climate modeling. The project uses quantum machine learning techniques in a high-performance hybrid workflow to assess the possibility of a narrow quantum advantage in this area of ​​study. The project extends Rigetti’s recent research into the use of weather modelling.

According to Joseph Emerson, Director of Advanced Research, QES at Keysight Technologies, “Keysight’s True-Q software offers a broad portfolio of features designed to enable Rigetti customers to achieve higher performance quantum computing.” “We have worked together to make it easier for Rigetti customers to use Keysight’s advanced quantum compiler technologies. I can’t wait to see how the combination of Keysight software products with the Rigetti platform turns out. »

According to Tim Costa, director of HPC and quantum products at NVIDIA, “addressing the problems of a changing climate is one of society’s most important responsibilities, and strengthening our ability to model the environment is essential to make data-driven decisions”. We will investigate, in collaboration with Rigetti, how applying the larger aspects of quantum and GPU-accelerated computing can help solve this problem.

Rigetti said earlier this week that its 80-qubit Aspen-M-2 and 40-qubit Aspen-11 are now available for public preview on Azure Quantum. Quil, Rigetti’s native quantum programming language, and Quil-T for pulse-level programming are supported by Rigetti’s Azure integration. With the announcement of Azure, Rigetti is now accessible on the two largest public cloud infrastructures in the world.

With a focus on delivering performance at scale, Rigetti is still on track to implement its previously revealed hardware strategy in 2023. The 336-qubit LyraTM system is planned later in 2023 after the AnkaaTM system at 84 qubits, which will be available in 2023. Rigetti’s fourth-generation circuit architecture, which has increased connectivity and configurable coupling and is intended to eventually achieve reliabilities above 99%, is expected to be used by Ankaa and Lyra . Notably, the Lyra system, which combines Rigetti’s current multi-chip scaling technology with the fourth-generation architecture, is expected to unite Rigetti’s breakthroughs in scalability and performance. Rigetti is expanding its Fab-1 plant and expects completion by the end of Q4 2022. The expansion includes more resources to perform tightly integrated cryo-microwave tests on Rigetti quantum devices, as well as a 5,000 square feet of additional cleanroom area for wafer fabrication, nearly tripling its previous capacity.
To create next-generation cryogenic platforms for its planned 336-qubit, 1000+ qubit and 4000+ qubit quantum processing units, Rigetti has partnered with Bluefors, a leading cryogenic system provider. The larger size, more powerful cooling and flexible design needed to support Rigetti’s integrated product roadmap are expected to be provided by these new KIDE cryogenic systems.

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  • Rigetti declares new partnerships and proposes business
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