Selfie biometrics boom in fintech with new implementations and partnerships

Selfie biometrics is growing in multiple markets, with a new implementation from Amazon, partnerships for Veriff, Sumsub and, and certification for NorthRow. The startup uqudo has hinted at its ambitions in the African market.

Amazon has started testing selfie biometrics to simplify seller verification.

The retailer plans to use forgery detection, facial recognition and liveness detection to assess the authenticity of government-issued ID documents and whether or not they match the person asking to sell.

The process is currently voluntary and is being tested with potential sellers in the Amazon US store. It would comply with BIPA and CCPA regulations.

Uqudo responds to demand for digital ID in Africa

Digital identity and selfie biometrics startup uqudo says it’s building an “identity layer” to make customer onboarding safer, more efficient and more cost-effective in Africa and the Middle East.

Speaking at the Africa Tech Festival, the company’s CEO, Mohamed Fagiri, said uqudo has seen significant growth over the past few months, both in Europe and Africa.

Uqudo is currently primarily focused on serving fintechs in the region.

According to the executive, uqudo is currently tackling the challenges of meeting various identity requirements in different countries.

The company also recently joined the Smart Africa Alliance as a start-up member.

Veriff, Sumsub and are each partners for the fintech and gambling markets

The collaboration with the financial services software development company will see Veriff integrate its identity verification (IDV) solutions within the TrueNorth platform.

“TrueNorth is transforming digital experiences in the world of financial services, and with Veriff as their partner, their customers can now easily integrate identity verification into their ever-evolving online solutions,” comments Manuel Solis III, Head of Partnerships and Alliances. worldwide at Veriff.

“The partnership not only makes KYC compliance incredibly tangible, but also enables a seamless customer experience for unparalleled customer journeys.”

The integration of Veriff’s technology gives TrueNorth fintech customers access to fraud prevention, KYC and identity verification capabilities.

The move comes two months after Veriff formed a similar partnership with mobile app developer Shockoe.

Sumsub has partnered with online betting service provider Markor Technology. After the collaboration begins, the companies will be able to provide businesses with enhanced verification and fraud protection while ensuring compliance.

“Finding a trusted iGaming partner like Markor Technology is an honor for us as we share the same goal of creating a responsible iGaming environment, allowing players to enjoy gaming and online gaming services freely and securely,” said said Andrew Sever, CEO of Sumsub.

“We make it a reality by offering end-to-end KYC, KYT and AML solutions to effectively onboard honest users and keep fraudsters out.”

Sumsub recently introduced a new feature to allow enterprises to create user identity verification workflows tailored to particular triggers and risk scenarios. also announced a B2B collaboration with financial technology provider Jack Henry to provide identity validation for digital account creation through the Jack Henry OpenAnywhere platform.

The solution will now include technologies from, such as identity scanning and data analysis, facial recognition and liveness checks.

“With identity validation as a key component, combined with automated identity capture, account creation is possible in less than five minutes,” says Alex Carriles, Chief Digital Officer at Simmons Bank, one of the first institutions to launch digital account opening via OpenAnywhere.

“Digital identity verification allows Simmons Bank to spend less time on paperwork and more time connecting with our customers and providing financial solutions at every stage of their lives.”

The collaboration with Jack Henry comes months after signed a deal with Las Vegas-based Planet 13.

NorthRow Receives DIATF Certification

Anti-money laundering SaaS company Northrow has received certification from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) for the UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF).

Now an Official Identity Service Provider (IDSP), NorthRow will use Identity Document Validation Technology (IDVT) to perform digital identity checks on behalf of UK and Irish citizens with valid passports.

More recently, NorthRow released an analysis highlighting its role within the global payments ecosystem.

“NorthRow’s cross-border digital solution will automate processes that were previously an expensive and complex set of onboarding tasks and workflows,” writes Clare Puplett, content creator at NorthRow.

“Using automated processes, NorthRow’s platform delivers accurate and compliant results efficiently and with reduced abandonment rates, which improves conversion and builds loyalty.”

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