Simplified retail partnerships with Get My Parking

Smart parking innovator Get My Parking introduces new features for Retail Parking partnerships. The solutions are designed to help operators improve alternative revenue streams by partnering with retail stores in and around their car parks.

Retail partnerships allow merchants to offer free or discounted parking to their visitors and employees. These parking privileges are provided in the form of validations distributed to customers after making their payments at the store. The invoices of these validations or personalized permit are generally calculated in bulk and sent to the partner towards the end of the billing cycle.

For operators with thousands of license holders, managing numerous partner accounts and licenses can be a lot of work. Most existing customer account software requires parking administrators to organically enter posting details to generate invoices. If the partner has updates regarding the account details, it must be updated manually before the database update. This incessant back and forth slows down the billing process and therefore the parking activity.

With Get My Parking solutions, it is easier for partners to manage all their accounts and partnership in one place. With our Partner User Portal, trading partners can view, edit and manage their users and validations through a user-friendly interface. Updates will be synchronized in the database, available to all stakeholders. This self-service feature avoids inaccuracies and unnecessary communications between account managers, effectively streamlining the entire process.

The solution also facilitates the distribution of validations, since the promo codes can be displayed to the customer via the partner portal. These validations can offer a few minutes of free parking or a lump sum discount on the amount of the final invoice for the parking session.

The customer can return to his car after visiting the merchants and apply the promo code he received when leaving the car park. The post-payment function of the GMP platform ensures that the customer benefits fully from validation. This encourages visitors to both the parking lot and the retail store.

Through the GMP platform, retailers can offer personalized parking discounts to their customers and employees. Employees can purchase permits that can be used in nearby car parks, paid for by their retail employers. These custom permits can be completely free or offered at a subsidized rate. The final amount will be automatically calculated by our Software towards the end of the billing cycle. Bulk invoices will be generated on schedule and will be reflected on the retail partner portal.

Thanks to Get My Parking solutions, business partnerships can be simplified and improved. Discover our complete line of products, designed to maximize the productivity and profitability of your parking business.

About Get My Parking

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Get My Parking is an award-winning provider of an interoperable smart parking platform that connects all parking and mobility players on a common platform that previously operated in silos. It includes a team of players with a clear mission to digitize the parking industry globally. Get My Parking (GMP) was founded in 2015 by Chirag Jain and Rasik Pansare with the vision of making every parking transaction a subconscious experience. With a strong foundation of team, technology and partnerships, GMP creates a scalable platform to connect the parking industry internally as well as with urban mobility stakeholders.