Strategic partnerships like those between India and the United States are built through shared interests and constant attention: Jaishankar

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that strategic partnerships like the one between India and the United States are built through shared interests, common values ​​and constant encouragement, stressing that in a changing world, India-US relations have not only kept pace, but have actually emerged as a major contributor to world peace.

Jaishankar said so on Monday during a joint press conference with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and their US counterparts Secretary of State Tony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

“Strategic partnerships like those between India and the United States are built through shared interests, common values ​​and constant care. It is natural that each of us brings to the relationship our particular perspectives, experiences and priorities” , said Jaishankar.

“But where there is a mutual appreciation of the importance of our connection, there is also a desire to better understand each other’s thinking. Our dialogue today, I believe, has helped in this regard. “, he said at the end of the fourth ministerial 2 +2.

“The integrated perspective that we have implemented in this 2+2 format only highlights the gains made in different areas in recent times. The economic side of the story is particularly important,” he said.

Trade and investment are steadily growing, he noted.

“We had discussions today on both, as well as connectivity, infrastructure, digital issues, climate action and energy. Our joint activities in space, science and technology and health are also noteworthy. We see our cooperation as having greater relevance for the Indo-Pacific,” he said.

The foundation of this relationship, he asserted, is its human element.

“It could be the students who come to universities, the flow of talent that defines our knowledge partnership, or the technology and business relationships that foster innovation,” he said, adding that they are all examples of the human bridge that connects the two. companies so singularly.

“In a changing world, the relationship between India and the United States has not only kept pace, but has in fact become a major contributor to global peace, stability and prosperity. This is not not just the weight of our expanding partnership, but also the impact it has on solving global problems,” Jaishankar said.

“Our vaccine cooperation can improve its affordability and accessibility. Our B2B and G2G relationships can contribute to better connectivity and reliable supply chains. Our collaboration on climate is underscored by U.S. membership in the International Solar Alliance and co-chairmanship of the Coalition for Disaster-Resilient Infrastructure. ,” he said.

Challenges in the Indo-Pacific were also a focus of discussion at the meeting.

Blinken told reporters that the two countries are strengthening people-to-people ties, which are really at the heart of the whole relationship.

“We are very fortunate in the United States to be home to some 4 million American Indians as well as 200,000 Indians studying at our universities. We have an Education and Skills Training Task Force that we formed today. today that will increase that number by bringing together institutions in the United States and India to develop new joint research and exchange programs.” We look forward to welcoming more Indian students and scholars to our communities. We focus, among other things, on STEM education. I think this is an area that has huge potential for the future,” he said.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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