Strike Announces Shopify Integration, Partnerships with NCR and Blackhawk Bringing Bitcoin Lighting Payments to Major Merchants

Strike, a digital payment platform based on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, today announced an integration with e-commerce company Shopify. Now, eligible Shopify U.S. merchants will be able to receive bitcoin payments from customers around the world in U.S. dollars, Strike CEO Jack Mallers announced at the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami.

A Forbes Under 30 alum, Mallers also noted that Chicago-based Strike has partnered with Blockchain 50 lister NCR

the world’s largest point-of-sale (POS) provider, and payment company Blackhawk.

Integration offers an alternative to traditional card networks such as Visa

and MasterCard by leveraging the Lightning Network, a second layer built on top of the bitcoin blockchain that allows users to send or receive cryptocurrency quickly and cheaply by moving transactions off the main blockchain. The service will be available to any consumer worldwide with a Lightning Network-enabled wallet, including more than 70 million CashApp users, Mallers said.

The announcement highlights the growing adoption of the Lightning Network. Earlier today, Robinhood unveiled plans to integrate the solution into its tech stack, joining companies including cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, Twitter and Block.

On Tuesday, California-based Lightning Network developer Lightning Labs showed off a new protocol that it hopes will open up Lightning Network to assets other than bitcoin, including stablecoins and fiat currencies.