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Sutton discusses LBW apprenticeships and partnerships with local businesses

Posted 9:15 a.m. Saturday, August 20, 2022

Chad Sutton, Director of Workforce Development at LBW Community College, discussed building partnerships and learning with local businesses at the East Area Chamber of Commerce Connection Breakfast. Andalusia on Tuesday.

“One of the things we like to do at LBW is personalized training. We love working with companies, working with them, assessing their needs and developing a training plan specifically for that. Whenever you talk to a company and hear them asking about this problem or wanting to solve what they are working on, we can bring in instructors and work specifically on their needs. We have already done this with several companies in the region. One of the ways we can pay for this is through a grant called the Alabama Workforce Stabilization Plan,” Sutton said.

He added that the federal AWSP grant is 100% reimbursable.

“All of a company’s training needs can be paid for 100%. There is a bit of paperwork and adult head tests because it comes from the Ministry of Education. It is available for companies in the healthcare, advanced manufacturing, IT, transportation, or construction industries. Municipalities, trucking companies, hospitals, trucking companies and engineering firms take advantage of this grant to develop their workforce. The grant will also help pay new hires while training at $9 per hour for up to 200 hours. »

There is also a demand for CDL training in tailor-made training.

“LBW can provide the courses for the CDL training, and we also manage the road part. We work with several companies whose employees want to add CDL to their toolkit. Several companies have Class A and Hazmat approval. At least half a dozen people have come from the school system to get their CDL licenses, which is working really well,” he said.

The junior college is currently developing recorded learnings. “We have programs at LBW that are some of the strongest in the state. We have a recorded apprenticeship in Mechatronics, Diesel Mechanics and recently LPN and RN Nursing which we are really passionate about. We are at the dawn of an apprenticeship in welding.

Sutton believes that apprenticeships are undervalued both locally and nationally.

“Training trades are endless and huge with thousands of them. When you have the ability to invest in someone, you can recruit and train them in the way you want them to work in your establishment or place of business and retain them. Studies show that people who take apprenticeships or internships stay where they were trained 90% of the time. When students see a company investing in them during their college education and training, it takes them to another level. Recorded learning is a game changer for this company and the community as well.

According to Sutton, LBW has a great partnership with Shaw for mechatronics learning. “They talk about it very well and are the only company I know where they don’t have a vacancy in their maintenance department. It’s because of the apprenticeship where they’re able to train these students as they go. as they come in, and I think that’s pretty important.

Mellisa King prepared an assortment of savory and sweet breakfasts for the event.

The next Chamber Login Breakfast is scheduled for Tuesday, October 25 and will be hosted by the Pilot Club of Andalucia.

“It was a joy to listen to Chad Sutton speak at Chamber Connection Breakfast this morning. Chad is passionate about his work, and listening to him talk about how he connects the future workforce with employers in our community is captivating. The LBWCC is making great strides towards becoming the “college of our community”. We are so grateful for all they do for our region and for their involvement with the Chamber. Thanks to LBWCC for hosting the breakfast, Mellisa King for catering the amazing food and Mary Ann’s for the beautiful flower arrangements,” said Laura Wells, AACC Executive Director.

For more information about LBWCC’s Workforce Development Department, email Chad Sutton at [email protected] or call 334-881-2335.