TA Realty Achieves BREEAM Certification for Nine Industrial Assets, Reinforcing Commitment to ESG+R

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leading real estate investment management company TA Realty (“TA”) today announced the successful certification of nine industrial assets to the BREEAM In-Use certification standard in 2021. This achievement further demonstrates TA’s growing commitment to improving the sustainable performance of these traditional assets. complex industrial assets, and the company currently plans to continue to achieve BREEAM certifications across its core industrial portfolio.

Developments that have achieved BREEAM certification include nine assets that were built between 2016 and 2019, comprising nearly 6.7 million square feet of real estate across six states including Georgia, California, Florida, Illinois , Texas and Washington. Notably, nearly half of the assets received a perfect score in the Pollution category, while the highest-scoring categories across the entire portfolio of certified developments were Health and Wellbeing, Resources and Resilience.

“While most players in the real estate sector have begun to seriously consider ways to improve ESG performance, the industrial sector has historically lagged in deploying sustainable solutions, largely due to the limitations of a triple net approach,” noted Anne Peck, Vice President. and Head of ESG+R at TA Realty. “For most industry players, solar power has been one of the only feasible options to improve sustainable performance without sacrificing financial success; with guidance from BREEAM and its various resources, we have been able to sustainably improve our performance while maintaining our fiduciary duty to stakeholders and maintaining a strong return on investment.

BREEAM, the leading science-based sustainability rating developed by the BRE Group (“BRE”), was chosen by TA Realty largely on the basis of the standard’s unique compatibility as the only certification program that offers independent pathways to certify the physical performance and operational management of industrial facilities. assets. This provides the industrial sector with a means of assessing the performance of assets. Beyond this alignment, TA has partnered with BRE based on the extensive resources offered by the assessment platform throughout the certification process. Specifically, the company was eager to leverage the on-site support and training that BRE provides to each development’s property management teams – valuable context for the extensive certification process and continuous improvements that these teams will need. to keep. By leveraging the industry-leading client support offered by BRE and expert advice from Longevity Partners (“Longevity”) – the third-party appraiser for this project – TA property managers gained a better understanding of the specific opportunities to assets to improve ESG performance.

One of the key benefits of using BREEAM is the platform’s holistic approach to asset performance, which looks closely at factors beyond environmental impact, such as resilience, health and well-being of occupants/tenants.

“We are excited to work with TA Realty to demonstrate the opportunities for continuous and sustainable improvement in the industrial marketplace,” said Breana Wheeler, Director of US Operations at BRE. “At a time when real estate companies may feel strongly pressured to rapidly deploy ESG initiatives to be seen to act, TA has taken a more deliberate and intentional approach to ensuring thoughtful and meaningful improvement in each of the assets included in this project. We look forward to seeing how the measured benefits of this meaningful sustainability strategy influence other industry leaders as we continue to work with TA on additional certification.”

The asset certification process was led by an independent third-party assessor from Longevity, who played a critical role in supporting the achievement of TA’s sustainability goals for each of the nine assets and performing third-party sustainability quality verification. and the ESG performance of each building. .

“Longevity Partners is honored to be the certification partner of choice for TA Realty’s portfolio-wide certification across the United States,” said Sarah Welton, director of business growth at Longevity Partners. “We understand the value of certification in creating a global, comparable and data-driven benchmark for real estate sustainability and are uniquely positioned to help our clients execute their ESG strategy, sustain their assets and ultimately preserve the long-term returns of their business.

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BREEAM is the world’s first science-based suite of validation and certification systems for a sustainable built environment. Since 1990, its third-party certified standards have helped improve the performance of assets at every stage, from design and construction, to use and renovation. Millions of buildings around the world are registered to work on BREEAM’s holistic approach to achieving ESG, health and Net Zero goals. It is owned by BRE – a for-profit organization with over 100 years of building science and research experience. Learn more about www.breeam.com/usa.

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