The Ecuadorian state mining company is considering partnerships for 3 projects


Benamericas Posted: Thursday September 22nd 2022

Ecuadorian state-owned mining company Enami EP has issued a tender for a consultancy to evaluate the Pacto, La Tronera and Isimanchi projects.

Pacto is a gold project in the province of Pichincha, 70 km from Quito, while La Tronera and Isimanchi are limestone projects.

According to Enami, Pacto, which is at an advanced stage of exploration, also has silver potential in a vein mineralization system and a possible gold-copper porphyry deposit.

The project includes two concessions: Ingapi (2,394 ha) and Urcutambo (2,252 ha).

La Tronera is located in the Andean province of Chimborazo, in the central part of the country. This is a brownfield project in the initial exploration phase.

Isimanchi is also a brownfield project located in the Amazon province of Zamora Chinchipe and is in the advanced exploration phase.

The objectives of the tender are to have clear scenarios for possible strategic alliances or transfers of rights, for which the board must recommend the modality of association or alliance that favors the interests of Enami EP , establishing the most appropriate percentage of participation and the value for which 100% of the projects could be transferred.

Offers are due September 27 and the estimated award date is October 4.

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