The Lone Wolf Metals & Trading Company leads the pack in announcing key partnerships with Chinese mining companies

WYOMING, USA, Aug. 6, 2022 / — The Lone Wolf Metals & Trading Company announces its latest partnerships with China-based manufacturers in high-tech industrial areas. After many years of cultivating close ties and collaborating with local metal miners and producers, the Wyoming-based company is pleased to announce that it is expanding its capabilities to handle the global demand for high-purity metals and rare earth elements (REE).

Lone Wolf has created an international presence in the pure metal and rare earth element industries through these alliances. Lone Wolf leads the pack with base offices in the US, UK and now a branch in China. Since high purity metals and rare earth elements are essential to key industries and technologies, including everything from clean energy to optoelectronic technologies, Lone Wolf is ready to supply its customer base through a seamless delivery system. The company currently provides high purity aluminum ingots for the production of semiconductor chips, copper, gold, nickel and zinc products for all types of industrial applications. Each metal has a wide range of uses in engineering and emerging technologies. As a result, each item is reviewed and tested to the highest standard because “product quality is key to our success”, say Lone Wolf executives.

With Lone Wolf’s new partnerships in mainland China, it is strategically positioned to handle the increased demand for pure metals and rare earth elements that are components for electric car batteries, lasers, computer screens, and more. computers, fiber optics and portable X-ray machines. Additionally, Lone Wolf is ready to meet the need for pure metals and rare earth elements in clean energy and optoelectronic technologies. Lone Wolf’s team of licensed professionals have created a secure pipeline, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of pure metals and rare earth elements.

Despite the current geopolitical tensions, global pandemic and reported supply chain congestion plaguing some industries, Lone Wolf has pivoted to create a reliable supply chain for its customer base. The Lone Wolf Metals team has overcome multi-faceted concerns to deliver a high quality product to bulk buyers, traders and wholesalers at competitive prices.

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About: At The Lone Wolf Metals & Trading Company, our managers have many years of personal experience working directly with domestic and international mining companies, distributors, producers and manufacturers of physical commodities. We specialize in providing refined products such as high purity metals, base metal concentrates, precious metals, rare earth elements, isotopes and minerals.

Emile Barton
The Lone Wolf Metals & Trading Company
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