The next era of brand-hotel partnerships

These partnerships are a step up from lobby shops and bathroom samples. In a new era of consumer focus on shared values, brands today are organizing larger platforms and universes that people want to be part of. The goal is to function as tastemakers who set the agenda and can convert consumers into loyal customers. As brands explore ways to expand their businesses, hotels can serve as a springboard for expanding brand halos in the wider cultural world. For their part, hotels see it as an opportunity to exploit new sources of revenue.

Rosewood owner and chief executive Sonia Cheng plans to transform the group of luxury hotels and resorts into a full-fledged luxury lifestyle brand within three to five years. “[These partnerships] are about the attitude we see and what our guests care about, and the ability to engage with them,” says Joanna Gunn, chief brand officer at Rosewood Hotels Group. She joined the company in May 2020 after two decades in the luxury retail sector, most recently as Chief Brand Officer of Hong Kong luxury department store group Lane Crawford.

The Carlyle Hotel’s two-season partnership with Frame was a success because of the collection’s “casual elegance” – a key shift in the way people dress today, says Gunn – an example of how Carlyle was able to bring “a slightly different expression of his personality to life”.

This paved the way for more adventurous fashion collaborations, Gunn says. During London Fashion Week in February, Rosewood London teamed up with rental service My Wardrobe HQ to offer shoppers a selection of outfits available to rent from brands such as Stella McCartney and Prada. “If we think about our ethos of finding a sense of place, a lot of that is about looking at how we connect to the destination, the culture, the environment and being able to bring it to life for the guest. “, she said. said.

Marketing if you know you know

Following the collaboration with the Carlyle Hotel, Frame co-founder and chief creative officer, Erik Torstensson, saw an opportunity beyond just creating merchandise. This led him to the Ritz Paris, where he has been a regular guest for many years. As of September 2021, Frame has an ongoing partnership that includes seasonal apparel and accessories including a gym bag, water bottle, and cashmere blanket. The two brands collaborate on the design, while Frame takes care of the manufacturing and distribution.